A Guide to Changing or Resetting Your Disney Plus Password

A Guide to Changing or Resetting Your Disney Plus Password

Disney Plus is a popular service that offers you a wide range of popular TV series and movies.

Disney Plus is a popular service that offers you a wide range of popular TV series and movies. Along with the content created by Disney, you can also watch movies, TV shows, and originals by other providers. It needs a Disney Plus account and a subscription to access this content. Disney also allows you to use one account on multiple devices, letting multiple users use one account, but for that, you have to share your password with the person who wants to access the content from your account. In this process, the risk of unauthorized access to your account is also higher. It is wise to keep changing your password on your Disney Plus account to prevent unauthorized access to your account. In other instances, there are also chances that you forget the password of your Disney Plus account as we have to manage a lot of passwords these days, so resetting the password is the only option. The process of changing or resetting your Disney Plus password is simple, but if you are doing it for the first time or after a long time, then there might be some guide you need. In this article, we are going to elaborate on how you can change or reset the password of your Disney Plus account and prevent unauthorized access.

The process of changing your Disney Plus password is pretty simple, and you can do it from your smartphone or desktop. To initiate the process of changing your password, you have to log in to your Disney Plus account on your phone or desktop. The next step is to head to your profile icon where you will find the Account option on the menu after clicking on the icon. Once you tap the Account option, an option Change Password will appear on your screen. There you will get sections to enter your current password and the new password which you desire to keep. After making correct entries in both sections, you can hit the Save button, and your password will be changed. You will have to use your new password when you log in next time to your Disney Plus account. It is also worth noting that your account will not be accessible on any device after you have changed your password until you log in again with the new credentials.

Resetting your password on Disney Plus is a bit more complicated than changing your password. However, it is a matter of a few more steps only. Resetting your password is a good option when you have forgotten your old password for your Disney Plus account. To reset the password for your Disney Plus account, head to the login page of Disney Plus on the app or website. You will have to enter your email address there and then click on Forgot Password. After clicking the Forgot Password button, you will receive a passcode on your registered email in under 15 minutes. If you don’t receive a mail with the passcode in 15 minutes, you can click the Resend button to receive the code again. After receiving the code, you have to enter that six-digit code in the specified section to verify your identity. On the next page, you will get an option to enter your new password, and after following the process and clicking Continue, and the sign-in details of your account will be updated. You will have to log in on all the devices again with new credentials after resetting your password to continue using your Disney Plus account.

Changing your Disney Plus password regularly is important to prevent your account from unauthorized access. In this article, we elaborated on the process of changing and resetting your Disney Plus password which you can use when needed.

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