Radacat Mini Smart tracker review you have to know

Radacat Mini Smart tracker review you have to know

Want to buy a smart modern Small Mini GPS Tracker in USA for a Car, Child, Kids or Pet like Cats and Dogs security then you have to purchase it form a certified

Hi this is nico Mini Tracker Tracker from eyestar tech we are quality and the way i establish the factory for 2g 3g 4g and the gps tracker and 4g biology wireless router today we would like to introduce how to test our mini gps checker pt21 firstly open the sim card slot with tool chip side down insert a nylon sim card the card needs to support 2g network call display date traffic and balance then press the power key for 3 seconds or more the light in the center of screen will flush secondly set any end of your sim card the extended format as following x means apn one means username they means apn password we could set other.

Parameters according personal check sms comments you can set the ap name and password of sim card by google or call your operators to check the information if it hadn't apna and password you can lift it blank like this [Music] since about sms comments to the gps tracker sim card after using it please check if you get a setup success replied sms from gps tracker and keep note that there's punctuation in english and no space in the sms now let's show you how to get the information by google enter the operator country and apn settings in the same page take orange in france as an example we could get the information from here such as abn username password mcc and mmc so if the correct format like this thank you finally login the platform or app by id number.

That can be founded in the box the device expired if the id number is okay we will get the location information in the app we also could set other parameters according to your preference please check it if you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime thank you for listening that's all shenzhen oyster tech technology company limited is an enterprise engage in the research development manufacturing and sale of iot products since its inception in 2015 istar tech has established strategic partnerships with a number of internationally renowned iot enterprises with the capability of rapidly mastering and accessing global leading edge to make technological breakthroughs and facilitate product innovations istar tech products including 2g 3g 4g mb lora gps tracker and 4g router provision of services and products integrating both hardware and software platforms.

As well as customized specialty services Messenger Tracker is one of our major competitive edges with quantity being its top priority i started targets to offer iot equipment with stable and enduring performances our mission dedicated to provision of long-term stable running iot devices our r d team istar tech engineers with six years industry experience serving hundreds of clients worldwide our sales team consists of eight technical sales with rich experience in offering multi-language pre-sales and after-sale services our production capability with our partner factories 15 high-speed smt lines and our assembly lines ensuring monthly production of 40 000 pieces of quality trackers our quality control 12 times of quality inspections 36 hours aging testing tracker qualified rate at high level of 99.5 percent our services two days quick sample delivery six hours fast technical response 12 months warranty we look forward to establishing long-term relationships achieve win-win cooperation [Music] [Music] shenzhen i start cap produce quality gps checker and 4g wireless router.