Missionary Disciples Will Change Your LifeEnter content title here...

Missionary Disciples Will Change Your LifeEnter content title here...

Missionary discipleship is a call that is both fulfilling and engaging. learn more about this call.

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You will be blessed when you become friends with those committed Christian people. Initially, you will feel quite indifferent when you are just new with the practice of Catholic faith, but you can have that gift that will really grab your attention. This is the Christian joy gift!

This is the joy that occurred from their faith with Jesus. Real and abiding happiness that was not just an optimistic or cheery personality, but the joy that was deep than the up and down of one’s life. This was the joy that is vibrant and steady, in bad times and in good times and in day out and day in.

That joy will grab your attention because this has been a sharp contrast to cynicism, aimlessness, sarcasm, insecurities and boredom. The Christian joy is a vibrant technicolor and it will surely get your attention. If someone asked you if you have your own connection with Christ and you don’t know the answer, and that is because, you still don’t have that Christian Joy and that vibrant color cannot be seen on you. Then you will ask these questions to yourself:

“Can I have a friendship with Christ and how it will happen?”

“How will it start, and how it will grow?”

If you don’t have any idea about discipleship and the joy of Christians, you have your faithful and good friends. They will help you to understand all about it easily and will encourage you to take a bit step for you to discover more.

Taking some time to talk to Jesus is like you would want to speak to your trusted friend. Jesus wanted to talk to you! Ten or fifteen minutes of reading something about the Gospel and asking Christ to help you perceived him talk in your heart, and you can tell him what you’re thinking and feeling as you’re reading His Words. This is a basic Christian discipleship that you can learn from your friends who are already enjoying living life with Christ.

For someone who is just starting to learn things about Christ, things that are very infrequent and normally during a bad day, but, little by little this habit will start to bloom and it will start to make the big difference in someone’s life.

There are camps that will give you amazing camp experiences and their activities like water skiing, parasailing, zip-line tower that come from a bluff to a lake below, rope course and many more. So during a day, there had been lots of high power fun, and then in the evening, there was the powerful presentation of a basic Gospel message by great talks, songs, personal testimony and dramas.

The camper’s week terminated in the invitation to welcome Christ into their hearts as their Lord and Savior with response to his immense love Christ has for them. There are staffs volunteers that got to serve the different campers group and you specific job in the group will allow you to become with the other campers for all those activities that you are doing every day.

Together with the directors of the program, the workgroup will meet for faith sharing and Bible study for several times. This will become a totally new encounter to read the Scripture with the others and to talk about the insights, inspirations, and questions together. The witnesses of those 4 wonderful believers will really increase your love for God’s Word with the desire to grow your friendship with Christ in your everyday living. Your stay in a retreat will surely bless you with great grace because “God has the plan for your life. The plan is how you are going to be happier.”

Remember that the more you thought these thoughts, the more your heart will be filled with the actual joy. You will also realize that God placed something in your heart and you will soon realize what your mission work may be and what God’s plan is prepared for you. At the end, you will convince yourself and will be eager to do it.