3 Inside Secrets to Do’s and Don’ts of Event Catering

3 Inside Secrets to Do’s and Don’ts of Event Catering

Most of the time people are not aware of the right protocols when choosing event catering in Canberra. To help you we have outlined some of the Dos and don’ts

When you are planning on an event whether it's personal like weddings or birthdays or professional like corporate gatherings or office functions, the first thing that tops your priority list is food catering. The reason is simple, people love to eat, and a satisfying catering can bring together people at any event in no time no matter what your function. Therefore, it’s very important to focus on good party catering.

Function catering if done right is one of the greatest ways to ride your event to high success. However, finding the right event caterer who can meet your expectations and beyond is not easy. There are several checkpoints and considerations that go into picking the right event caterer for your function like finding the right catering services, planning the desirable menu items that suit your guests, implementing proper details to deliver excellent quality services that everyone enjoys, and many more.

Most of the time people are not aware of the right protocols when choosing event catering in Canberra. To help you we have outlined some of the Dos and don’ts of event catering to check for your next function.


Review every detail thoroughly

Usually, catering contracts have a lot of detailed information added to them. Make sure to review each point thoroughly before signing in the final. While you are reviewing, note any areas of doubt or questions that come to your mind. An experienced catering service will readily help you with happy answers and clear all your doubts.

Specify your needs and wants

When you are talking with your event caterers make sure you lay in your needs and wants clearly and precisely. Like certain details you are looking for or any special needs or wants you expect to be included in the services. Make sure you present a clear picture to the caterer about your expectation to avoid any miscommunications on the go.

Ensure enough food for your guests

Event catering can be quite a pricey affair, so as a host on a budget your first temptation would be to cut down the numbers to save on the costs. However, this isn’t a good idea as it's always better to have some extra food than less food. Especially if it's a large gathering, it negatively affects your image badly. People won’t complain about extra food, but they are sure to get upset if they don’t get any served.


Don’t make your menu complicated

Instead of overwhelming your attendees with too many menu items, it's best to keep your food menu simple with some efficient options. As lunch breaks are shorter for most events especially if it's on the corporate line, having a simple menu to choose from will help people choose their favourite options efficiently. Also, avoid exotic foods like octopus or other lavish items for large gatherings. Make sure to include an equal balance of items that most people would enjoy happily.

Don’t make last-minute menu changes

Usually, an event menu is planned ahead of the weeks to finalise the total headcounts and expected food menu with suitable dietary specifications. Any alteration after the finalised plan can not confuse the caterers’ nut can lead to insufficient services when your hired company fails to meet the last-minute requirement. So, for the best results and smooth running of the event, plan everything and recheck your check catering list to ensure everything is smooth on both sides.

Don’t just ignore suggestions to save money

When your caterer suggests something that can potentially improve your event vibe, don’t ignore it straight away just to save some mere costs. Instead, take the advice at face value and contemplate whether it works for you. Like if your catering company suggests adding a variety of juices or teas to serve along with water, it's not a bad idea to implement even if it costs a bit above your budget bar.

Now that you are aware of the core Dos and Don’ts of event catering, it will be even easier for you to work with your caterers right from start to end to pull in a successful memorable event.