Why should you prefer bike taxi apps as your niche?

Why should you prefer bike taxi apps as your niche?

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Bike-taxi services, which are seen as an off-shoot of the on-demand ride-hailing services, have received a lot of exceptional response in the world. This is proven by the $1.17 billion fundraised by the Mobility startups during the first nine months of the year 2019.

Many people belonging to the highly populated countries are migrating to the urban cities from the rural regions for employment opportunities. These opportunities lie mostly in the transportation sector. But transportation faces real challenges when people have to commute from nodal points to a destination.

Here’s to presenting you some points about what are the things that fuel the bike-taxi apps.

1. Perfect solution for traffic congestion:

Due to the growing population of urban cities, traffic congestion is becoming a notable consequence. In order to dodge the traffic, commuters make use of the bike-taxi apps. They are proven to be convenient and affordable means to travel.

2. Affordable alternatives:

Like cars, they don’t consume much fuel which makes them affordable. It is estimated that while bike-taxi takes around 60-70 INR, the cab rides cost up to 200 INR. For the rider who is time and cost-conscious, they can make this an obvious option.

3. Effective way to dodge traffic:

As we already know, the bike-taxis have an effective way to zip through the traffic-congested and busy roads. Not just that, but they also remain the best solutions for narrow lanes and rural stretches.

4. Employment opportunities:

In some areas that lack public transport, these bike-taxi services can generate more opportunities for employment and are supporting thousands of people. This is what eventually contributes to mobility growth.

5. Abundant preferences:

Since most of the South- Asian countries form the bike-taxi market, in these countries, the bike-taxis is the preferred mode of transportation. And by the success of startups like Ola, we can see that it is a clear indication of the same.


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