Top features to consider before building a tow truck or roadside assistance app

Top features to consider before building a tow truck or roadside assistance app

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Provide roadside assistance for people stuck in the middle of reaching their target destination due to problems in their vehicles, i.e., running out of gas or break down. Allow them to avail your tow truck service through your on-demand roadside assistance app. It is a great business model as you can earn constant revenue in the long run when you market your app promptly.

Features are the base to building an on-demand Uber-like tow truck app. Hence we have come up with the below list of features that are vital for your app’s seamless operation.

Booking through app/SMS/email

Though everyone owns a smartphone, they won’t be having access to it all times. So, allow your users to avail your tow truck service via phone calls, messages, or email, apart from booking the service through your on-demand app.

Estimated fare and time details

Provide estimated fare and time needed to reach the specified destination while users book the service. It helps them in making informed decisions.

In-built navigation system

Integrate GPS-enabled geolocation services into the app, so that you can find users and offer your service in the shortest time possible.

Multiple payment gateways

Include as many as payment options as possible in the app, so users can pay with the mode of their convenience before or after availing the service. Also, allow them to pay using Cash.

Email/SMS notification

Notify your users promptly with the status of their service requests through SMS or email.

Ratings and reviews

Upon availing the service, allow users to rate and review the service availed through your app. It helps other users to avail the service with ease.

Referral program

Allow users to refer your application to their friends and family members. You can offer reward points for each successful referral. It is a great option to promote your app through word of mouth marketing.

Wrapping up

I hope the writeup is useful. By integrating the features mentioned above, your users will be able to navigate through your app with convenience. Remember, spend considerable time in planning your Uber for roadside assistance app development, as it is the starting point to your on-demand business