Redefine success by entering the transportation industry with a superior bike-ta

Redefine success by entering the transportation industry with a superior bike-ta

On-demand Bike Taxi software to help entrepreneurs in creating a fully functional bike taxi commute app.

People have become used to convenience nowadays that no one wants to wait for public transportation to make a merry way because of the mismatch of schedules. This is the key reason why many ride-hailing businesses are compelled to have their own on-demand bike taxi booking services.

Right from the reviews to the shares on social media, people are living with their smartphones every minute. More and more companies are getting adapted and changing their marketing strategies by offering prompt services to take advantage of this new-age lifestyle.

Guessing that you are one of the entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about starting the on-demand bike taxi app development, let’s get straight into the business.

Take a look at the stakeholders involved in the bike-taxi app.

Customer or passenger:

People who want to optimize the money and time will make use of the bike taxi app.

Ride partner/ driver:

The driver or also known as the bike taxi business part will earn a handsome amount by connecting with the passengers in order to provide them with the exclusive service of a bike taxi.

App owners/ admin:

The service app owner achieves better revenue from charging the commission fees from the driver-partners and also through income from marketing or promotion campaigns.

Working model:

To build or develop an app, it’s necessary to know about its working. So, let’s look into the working model of the bike taxi management software.

The passenger should download the app on their smartphone and have to register their personal information.

After completing the verification process that is involved in the registration, they will enable the GPS in their smartphones that would allow them to book a nearby taxi that is displayed along with the estimated fare. The passenger can choose the mode of payment for a service request.

Once the passenger sends a service request, the driver nearby will get a notification via the app, and they can choose whether they want to accept or decline the offer.

After the request is accepted by the driver, the passenger will receive the information regarding the driver’s name, the license plate number, the overall rating of the driver, etc., via notifications or SMS.

And, the driver would also be able to view the pick-up and destination of the passenger.

After the ride gets finished, the fare will get deducted from the wallet or account of the passenger. Passengers will be given an option to leave feedback and provide ratings for the driver.


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