On Demand Cuddle App- the Essentials and Features!

On Demand Cuddle App- the Essentials and Features!

Find yourself in a hurdle? All you need is a cuddle! With an on-demand cuddle app, start your successful cuddling business in no time.

Did you know that cuddling with your loved ones can improve your moods? Are you aware of the fact that cuddling is a therapy provided in treatment for depression and dementia? Cuddling therapy has emerged as a recent advancement in healthcare. What if you are entitled to receive revenue for providing a cuddle? Aren’t you interested in such an offer? On-demand Cuddle Apps are being produced across the world to offer cuddle therapy to the patients. The benefits of cuddle therapy, as well as the essential features of the app, are discussed.

Benefits of the Cuddling

Immune Boosters: A warm hug can enlighten the mood of any human. A cuddle can decrease the level of disease-causing protein to a substantial rate. It is a proven study that touching and cuddling increases the immunity of persons, thereby preventing people from falling ill.

Treatment for depression and dementia: Professional cuddlers bring out the trauma from depressed patients. The platonic hugs provided by them can treat patients from dementia. This greatly envisages the art of cuddle therapy and its importance.

Happy mood: A cuddle a day can have a positive impact on the person for the entire day. A cuddle can help us maintain our composure during stressful times. Moreover, cuddling releases hormones like oxytocin and endorphins, which can improve the mood of the person.

With all these benefits of cuddling and the market for cuddle therapy substantially growing, what does it take to create a cuddle app for Android? What are the essential features that are required in the app?

Essential Features

Registration: The user, upon downloading the app, may sign up via different social networking sites. A single step registration is usually expected.

Booking and tracking: The user may schedule or immediately book for cuddle therapy. The user should also be provided with a real-time tracking option to track the cuddler assigned to him/her.

Payment: The user should have the choice to pay via different payment gateways with an option of Cash on Delivery.

Ratings and Reviews: The user should have the option of rating his/her cuddling. Moreover, he/she may share his/her experience in the form of reviews.

How does an On-demand cuddle app work?

The efficient functioning of apps is very much essential as it greatly impacts the usage of the app. The app can be popularised by cuddlers who register themselves for the services they offer. The working of a cuddle app can be categorized as,

Registration of Cuddlers and Users: Cuddlers and users initially register themselves in the app. While the customer demands services, cuddlers provide information as to what type of services they offer.

Availability: If the user demands a certain service, the availability of the cuddlers at that particular time is notified to the user. The user can select from a vast range of services offered by different cuddlers.

Information sharing: Once the available cuddler is selected by the user, the cuddler’s information is shared with the user, and the user information is shared with the cuddler. The location of the user and cuddler is shared. Moreover, a real-time tracking facility is also made available in the app.

Payments and History: Once the service is completed, the user can pay via different payment gateways, and the cuddler can view his/her earnings as well. The app may store the details of the user to schedule further sessions.

How are apps benefited by this cuddling service?

The business of on-demand cuddle app

If you are intended to do business in this vastly growing cuddle therapy treatment, you need to develop the cuddle app for Android. You may either start to develop your app from scratch or reach out to an app development company. In the latter, customized white-labeled apps are readily available. You can even alter the app dynamics by mentioning your specifications. You can enjoy using the app, and with each cuddle you offer, you receive revenue. Apps like Uber for cuddles are already in the market, and this may be the right time to compete against other apps by providing better services to the users.

If you are looking for an on-demand cuddle app for Android, Appdupe helps you in providing a completely customizable white-label app according to your specifications. Remember, a cuddle a day keeps the doctors away!