List of reasons to opt for theTaxi-hailing apps during the pandemic

List of reasons to opt for theTaxi-hailing apps during the pandemic

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People are finding it difficult to travel with the spread of the coronavirus. The taxi-hailing apps assist people in commuting to different places. App owners are taking several precautionary measures to curb the spread of the virus. Drivers take up regular screening tests to prevent the spread. These apps are supporting their infected employees by providing them with paid leave.

Measures that are taken by On demand taxi booking apps to assist people in these tough times

In some places, an app like Uber is providing free service to health care workers and other frontlines workers.

Uber and Ola have suspended the pool rides and have limited the number of passengers per vehicle to curb the spread.

They are currently operating only in certain safe areas or localities so that they can prevent customers from getting infected.

Before a driver goes online, they will be asked to confirm, via a new Go Online Checklist, that they’ve taken safety measures and are wearing a mask or face cover.

The new technology will verify if the driver is wearing a mask by taking a selfie. After the verification process is complete, the driver is notified through an In-app notification.

These taxi-hailing apps are not allowing drivers who are not taking the necessary measures to go online.

On the other hand, drivers can cancel the rides of the passengers who are not wearing masks without paying any fees. Also, the passenger can cancel if they find the drivers not wearing a mask.

Uber’s two-way feedback system has long helped ensure both riders and drivers uphold certain standards by requiring feedback on issues like vehicle quality, navigation, and speeding. Now, they are adding new options for feedback, including having no face cover or mask. These are the features to be included in the Grab clone app development

These are the requests a taxi-hailing app has for its customers.

Wash your hands before and after you ride.

Cover your mouth and nose. If you sneeze or cough, do so into your elbow or a tissue.

Sit in the back. Give your driver space by sitting in the back seat.

Open the window. If possible, roll down the window to improve ventilation.

These apps are beneficial for the people, especially during the outbreak of the deadly virus. The demand for taxi-hailing services is increasing as people regard these as a safe means of transportation. It is an apt time to develop the grab taxi app clone. Some companies are providing clients with ready-made solutions business owners can use these apps for quick launch.