Launch An Alternative Messaging App For Whatsapp With Whatsapp Clone Script

Launch An Alternative Messaging App For Whatsapp With Whatsapp Clone Script

Developing the WhatsApp alternative is becoming a hot topic among entrepreneurs like you. At Appdupe, we develop real-time chat solutions

If you are creative with your own ideas to develop a messenger app, then Whatsapp should be your wide consideration as many people around the world have become popularized with the usage of Whatsapp for its extraordinary features. Having this on your mind, start marching towards your idea.

Developing an app, an alternative to WhatsApp is no big deal. Incorporating all the special features of it along with your unique ideas is where the challenge lies. More than social media, it has become a medium for communication.

Whatsapp clone script:

The Whatsapp clone app is developed with the intention to launch it as an alternative app for Whatsapp. The WhatsApp clone app will cater to the needs of the users by providing an appropriate platform for communication. The app will not boost communication among the normal users but also to Corporate users. The messengers are now open to all users as many business people find it easy to communicate with their clients.

Basic features to be considered while working with Whatsapp clone script.

It is essential for entrepreneurs to understand the features of Whatsapp before developing their own app like Whatsapp. A messenger app like Whatsapp should have the following features:

Authentic registration:

A messenger app like WhatsApp should have a registration page where the users can provide details such as their mobile number, mail id, or various other details. Once the registration is done, the users can update their profiles. It also imports the contact numbers from mobile phones.

Instant messaging and chatting:

Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp enable us to send and receive messages in a fraction of seconds. The users can also create a group and share messages with a mass number of people.

Voice calls and video calls:

The option for voice call and video calls are a must. This enables the users to call their near and dear ones. The video call feature of Whatsapp is a big hit as it has become easy for the users to make calls without any hindrances.

File sharing:

Sharing media files like photos, videos, audio, GIF, and stickers has become easy now. Along with this, Whatsapp also provides emojis for the users to send in between their chats.

How to generate revenue for WhatsApp clone app:

It's so obvious for business people to work out a monetary plan to generate their revenues. Here are some of the ways and methods to gain profit:

Monetizing the availability of stickers.

Advertisements to run over the app

Getting sponsors

Make pay and use features available.

Summing up,

The wide reach of WhatsApp has made tech-savvies launch their messenger apps like WhatsApp.Whatsapp clone app will be the best solution if developed and worked out in a potential way along with a pool of talented developers.