Get your customized Uber for e-scooter paired with a white-label solution

Get your customized Uber for e-scooter paired with a white-label solution

We offer Uber for e-scooters app solutions that help you set up your e-scooter business in the shortest time possible.

Hello there! In this era of the increasing threat of global warming, it is really appreciable to go green. The prime sources of pollutants are vehicles, burning plastics, and industrial wastes. While we can’t control everything, we can at least change our transportation preferences. No clue on what I am talking about? The topic will be e-scooter app development.

At Appdupe, we have specially designed Uber for e-scooters app solutions that will gain the attention of users promptly. Willing to know more about the app along with the features? Read more.

Ultimate features vested in our e-scooter app

Find scooters- Users can find the nearest available e-scooter in a few steps. Users will be entering the source and the destination. Based on the location of users, the app will show the available e-scooters.

Smart lock/unlock - The app will let users unlock the e-scooter after which they can ride. For this, e-scooters will have a QR code, and users will scan the code using their smartphones. Also, after completing the ride, users should park the vehicle in the allotted area and lock the vehicle.

Track - As said earlier, riders or users will have to park the vehicle only in the allotted area. For this, they can find the location of the parking area via the GPS feature of the app.

Make payments - The app has in-built payment options using which the rider can make the payment.

Ride history - Riders can recollect their past rides along with the details under the ride history feature.

Push notifications - Sending real-time updates to riders via push notifications is feasible rather than sending text messages or emails.

Apart from this list of features, we have some paid plugins and here I present you those features.

Schedule rides


In-app wallet

Promo code generator

Multilingual support

Call masking

What are the various sources of revenue?

Revenue generated from these apps is primarily based on subscriptions and advertising. Let me lay it out!

Subscriptions - Frame subscription-based rentals for availing the e-scooter app. Providing monthly or yearly subscriptions will help users to avail services without any interruption.

Advertising - Advertise services and products of third-parties and gain income. Revenue through advertising is said to be a constant source of income.

Our e-scooter app solutions

  • Bird clone
  • Jump clone


If this caresses your interest in launching your e-scooter business, reach out to us directly. We are ready to personalize the app as per your requirements and also white label the application.