An entrepreneur guide to build a feature-filled Taxi booking app

An entrepreneur guide to build a feature-filled Taxi booking app

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Taxi-hailing services have revolutionized the way of getting services. People can get taxi services within minutes of booking the cab. There are many factors that need to be considered while developing the Lyft clone app-like features, technology stack, and many more. These are some of the essential features of Lyft clone app development:


These are the essential features required for the taxi-hailing app as they assist both customers and drivers. Customers use it to locate rivers, and drivers use it to locate their ride requests. The technologies required to built device locations components are the Core Location Framework for iOS and Google’s Location APIs for Android. In addition to that map, integration can be develop using MapKit for iOs and Google Maps Android API for Android.

In-app communication

The driver and passenger app need to communicate, so there must be an interface between passengers and agents. Apps communicate with each other in different ways:

Acceptance of booking request

Current location detection

Direction tracking

Ride/Fare calculations

Chat and messaging

Ride rating and review

Cancel offer — both ways

The drivers and users communicate with each other through Wi-fi or mobile data.


Payment is an important part of the app development process as people opt for these platforms as they provide a secure platform to do the transaction. Generally, on-demand app services offer multiple payment modes like credit/debit, digitally wallet like PayTM, etc. Leading taxi-hailing services such as Uber, Lyft uses Braintree as the leading payment gateway platform. Stripe is another secure payment gateway platform.


Users are updated as the process of the ride progresses through notifications. There are two kinds of notification, like push and text-based. The former requires an internet connection, and the latter does not require one.

For enabling technology in iOS, Apple Push Notification Service can be used, and Cloud Messaging for Android users.

Developing a user-friendly app like lyft can take weeks at times even months. This is one of the main reasons that business owners are opting for ready-made lyft clone. These apps are white-labeled, scalable, development using the latest technologies so it is bound to attract more customers.