Alterations made by Super app Grab for sustaining Coronavirus outbreak

Alterations made by Super app Grab for sustaining Coronavirus outbreak

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Transportation has become complex since Coronavirus, as it is difficult to get an idea of the areas which are not blocked. So people are using taxi booking services like Grab for traveling. Moreover, taxi booking solutions follow an extensive list of precautionary measures to ensure that passengers are safe from virus contraction. Grab taxi app has a net revenue of 1.1 billion in the year 2018 alone.

Many entrepreneurs aspire to build the Grab clone app and become profitable as a popular taxi booking application. Grab clone app should have users panel features like live tracing mechanism, estimate fare calculator, scheduling rides, and many other attractive aspects. An admin panel should have reports of the ongoing trip, statistics & analytics, manageable admin console, etc.

Owing to Coronavirus some changes were made to the taxi-hailing services app of Grab. Here are some of it

Since April 2020, Grab’s taxi services have decreased in profit percentage in double digits. So understanding the reduction in the demand for the Grab taxi app. They shifted some of the drivers to the on-demand delivery sector.

Between the interval of March to April 2020, approximately 14,900 drivers were employed as delivery personnel.

In Malaysia, 18,000 drivers were moved to the delivery sectors. The reason for doing this is the demand for the delivery sector was greater than taxi services.

Rohen Cohen, head of regional operations in Grab told that they worked with the government to anticipate the demand for a shift in the on-demand logistics sector.

The ways by which Grab support people during the COVID-19 crisis

Grab is South Asia’s leading Super app has taken several measures to curb the spread of the Coronavirus contraction amongst customers and employees. Let us look at some of them.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the drivers and delivery agents of Grab are facing financial difficulties and other crises. To be of support to their employees, Grab has expanded its Partner Relief initiatives.

In response to the pandemic, Grab leaders have cut 20% to help businesses and other partners in the business.

Grab is planning to expand its GrabMart and Grab Assistant services in more countries in the coming weeks to assist customers who are unable to commute.

Summing up:

Taxi booking apps have become a convenient means to get taxi assistance. A feature-filled grab taxi app is bound to succeed. But in order to develop a full-fledge Grab clone script, the developers should have in-depth knowledge and expertise in the taxi booking app sector. It will take a few weeks of research and consolidation work before developing the actual Grab clone. So it would be wise to launch the Grab taxi clone app with the assistance of app development companies. They are familiar with the nuances of taxi booking app development so that the end product will bring in more profits.