How to setup and Download HP Printer Driver for Mac/Windows?

How to setup and Download HP Printer Driver for Mac/Windows?

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HP Printer setup

Are you new to the world of HP printers? Let us help you to choose the best model and complete the setup. It’s the guidelines to execute

For any HP printer model, the device setup manual will be provided with the package. If not you can download from the website steps include

1.Connecting the cables ( Power and USB cable)

2.Find the exact port to fix the cable

3.Switch ON to view the settings to connect the device to network

4.Move to the settings > Network to select the appropriate network connection method

5.If it's wireless wait for the prompt to provide the credentials ( Network username, password )

6.For software update, you can select the appropriate webpage and visit the software and driver download section

7.You can view the wireless setup wizard settings

8.Select to answer the instructions of the wizard

9.It’s important to troubleshoot the errors if you come across any. Identify the error type to proceed further vvvvvs

For guide, refer to the instructions available on our webpage. Ringing the toll-free number +1-800-237-0201 will transfer your call to our agents