Review of the DAME Reusable Tampon Applicator

Review of the DAME Reusable Tampon Applicator

I reviewed the DAME reusable tampon applicator throughout this cycle. I had been using tampons-free for almost five years before I decided to try this product.

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I reviewed the DAME reusable tampon applicator throughout this cycle. I had been using tampons-free for almost five years before I decided to try this product. The DAME washable and reusable tampon applicator is exactly what it sounds like a tool for inserting tampons. Due to their size, a handicap, or other factors, many people who get periods must use an applicator tampon. Because they require the applicator and are unable to utilize cups or discs, many people who would benefit from a no-plastic-waste tampon choice are excluded by the "just use your fingers mentality.

The Benefits of Reusable Tampon Applicators

When the product originally came out a few years back, I saw it from the perspective of a cup user without any access or mobility concerns, and I didn't see the need for it. I use a cup now because I'm not frightened to touch my own blood and flesh, but that wasn't always the case. As a lifetime applicator tampon user, switching to a cup was an adjustment. Almost all tampons marketed in the US come with a cardboard or plastic applicator. If you're an American, I'd guess you're just now discovering that the majority of other nations use their tampons with their fingers rather than an applicator. Many people can't use a menstrual cup or disc and need an applicator instead. An applicator may be used with one hand and offers reach and access.Although the DAME reusable tampon applicator and like designs aren't intended for me, it doesn't mean I can't appreciate and understand their worth. I am continually learning and improving my viewpoint. The eco-friendly perspective sometimes overlooks how many items we consider wasteful are actually essential for people with disabilities. It makes more sense to use a reusable alternative than to just tell them to forgo something!

How to Use the DAME Tampon Applicator

The idea is rather straightforward. Three parts make up the DAME in total. A "plunger" that will force the tampon through the aperture, similar to a disposable plastic tampon applicator, a cover, and the open cylinder where the tampon is placed. This item does not have zero waste. Each DAME tampon is packaged in clear plastic, and after usage, the tampon will be discarded. Tampons cannot be flushed and do not instantly vanish in water.

Compared to other disposable plastic tampon applicators, DAME's applicator has a bigger diameter, yet it is still entirely functional. For comfort and to enable the tampon to escape the applicator tip, the tip is somewhat flexible. The plunger "locks" into place with a disposable applicator and cannot come out. With the DAME applicator, however, this is not the case; I actually dropped it and had to reload and reassemble it.

The only difference between the DAME and other disposable tampon applicators is that you manually load your tampon and wash it after use. It is more difficult to use than pre-loaded disposable applicator tampons because of the assembling, however I do think you can assemble and insert with one hand if necessary. In some situations, I can understand how the plunger not latching into position may make it more difficult to operate.

Keeping Your DAME Applicator Clean

The applicator merely has to be rinsed after use, according to DAME, and then dried before being placed away in its case. With its Self-SanitisingTM technology, DAME can maintain its cleanliness for 12,000 uses. The applicator was created by UK medical engineers from Mediprene® (BPA free). A zipped pouch is included in their beginning set so you can store the applicator and additional tampons inside. Even though the company supplies tampon refills, it ought to function with the majority of no-applicator tampon brands. Carrying cleaning wipes or a squirt bottle to rinse the applicator might be done in place of washing in the sink, much like cleaning menstruation cups in public.

The first company to create and market a dame tampons is DAME. Despite having a UK headquarters, the company offers international shipping. I spent a total of $46 for a beginning set that was mailed to the US and included their applicator, 6 tampons, a metal storage container, and a zipped purse. The alternative reusable tampon applicator is sold by THINX for the price of simply the applicator. Although I haven't tried it, the DAME is the more cost-effective alternative.


Shaming women for using period products has no place. I am a strong proponent of and supporter of reusable period products. Those who require assistance inserting the product will produce less plastic waste thanks to a reusable tampon applicator. That's a victory!