Enter conCOVID-19 and the Future of Worktent title here...

Enter conCOVID-19 and the Future of Worktent title here...

A lot has changed in the past couple of months and it seems that the world has stopped as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

A lot has changed in the past couple of months and it seems that the world has stopped as a result of Covid-19 Pandemic. The current era demands that people should stay home and away from each other but is very challenging for businesses, particularly the ones that have a high physical component.

How businesses are more vulnerable?

Amidst all the preventive measures taken by different governments across the world to control Covid-19, businesses have come out to be one of the most vulnerable groups that have been directly impacted by these measures. Most of the governments worldwide have announced lockdown and people are not allowed to go to their offices to work. They are asked to stay inside their homes and work from home. The repercussions of this pandemic are affecting each company from start-up to a top-notch company.

Remote Work Infrastructure as a Rescue

Covid-19 Pandemic and the ongoing lockdown have flickered conversations about #remotework as employees are asked to stay home and work from home. #Remotework is not easy as it involves multiple challenges such as it is important that employees have all the required resources to work from home. Also, the productivity of employees may reduce as some of them may not work with honesty as they know that they are not being monitored. Communication can be a big challenge and lack of required resources can also be considered as a barrier in #remotework infrastructure.

Change is the biggest need of the hour and organisations need to shift to effective #remotework infrastructure to survive in this current crisis era.

The Future is Fluid

The post #covid-19 era will not be easy for businesses and they need to take action now to minimise its impact on business and survive the Covid as well as post-Covid era.

Flexible arrangements are new normal

There are various companies that allowed their employees to occasionally work from home even before Covid in order to attract and retain great talent pool. Now, it has become mandatory for the company to allow its employees to work remotely but many companies are suffering as they do not have adequate resources to implement #remotework infrastructure. This kind of approach is going to benefit the environment as well because living near work would reduce the commute hassle of people and carbon footprint will be reduced alongside social connections will be improved.

Need to ensure remote Infrastructure even possible for jobs that cannot be remote

There are various types of jobs that seem impossible to do remotely but when this becomes the only option then, then innovative tactics can make this as seamless as possible. The technological advancement has made it possible for activities to be done remotely that could never be remote. For instance, the advancement in telemedicine and video technology, different diagnostics such as temperature measurement, checking heart rate, and blood pressure can be done sitting at home. Even, teaching is possible over digital platforms as various online apps are available that make this work easier. Advancements in virtual reality, technology, and collaboration tools have made this task easier for companies to work remotely.

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Gender standards are likely to erode, as working parents would be able to share domestic chores It has become difficult for working parents to manage household chores along with their professional careers but the current era of #remotework has left no stones unturned for working parents to have the chance to share work. Different childcare options are not available due to the current Pandemic situation and this has been making families come together and share household chores.

Remote Work is not Cakewalk

It is not possible for every organisation to immediately transform into #remotework infrastructure due to lack of resources. If you are such a company, then #MiriInfotech is there to help you with its remote resources at 80% reduced cost.

Final Words

Nowadays, people are trying to get past this phase unscathed but the fact cannot be ignored that fundamental approach to life is changing. Even though, we try to live our lives as normal as possible. It is truly said that ‘divided we fall, united we stand’ and we can get over with this phase by working together and finding new approaches to work can make us excel both professionally and personally.