What Are The Best Ways To Develop A WhatsApp Clone?

What Are The Best Ways To Develop A WhatsApp Clone?
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Developing the WhatsApp alternative is becoming a hot topic among entrepreneurs like you. At Appdupe, we develop real-time chat solutions

Messenger apps have become part and parcel of our life. Without them, all of us can't pass our days. Messenger apps like WhatsApp act as pre-dominant apps for users to communicate with others. Apart from just text messages to our friends and relatives, it is also a great tool to enhance our business activities. Most businesses opt to use Whatsapp for better communication.

Are you interested in making your venture in the messaging app market? We have given a brief insight about developing a WhatsApp clone to start your instant messaging app in a short span of time.

What is a WhatsApp clone script?

For years, WhatsApp has been an undisputed leader in the messenger app market. But the recent speculations around it have forced people to choose an alternative to it. The WhatsApp clone will be a perfect alternative with which you can build a strong network user base.

The major aspect that constantly concerns people about messaging apps is their level of security. Through a WhatsApp clone, people can enjoy instant texting of messages to their friends and business partners in no time. Most importantly, the app will also be bound with end-to-end encryption to keep the messages secure. In that regard, it will function flawlessly, making it easy for people to access.

Notable features to include in your WhatsApp like app development?

When you develop your WhatsApp like app, make sure to provide the following features,

Registration page

Authentication is an important process in messaging apps whereby the user data and credentials will be verified from the append. You can ask your users to register using their phone number, whereas you can send a security code to their mobile through normal text messages. Upon registration, the users can add their personal details to their profiles. This can be an ideal way of authentication.

Contact book integration

After registration, the users can start by texting their friends through the app. But for the same, they need to integrate their contact book into the app. Through this, contacts can be integrated with the app, and they can start with their chats.


Instant messaging options have invited more people to use messenger apps these days. While using your Whatsapp clone, even if the users are not online, the messages will reach them, and when they come back online, they will pop up. You can also notify them with statuses like delivered, failed, seen, etc.

Video calls/voice calls

Apart from sending and receiving messages, features like voice calls and video calls have lured people these days. The voice call feature will allow the users to make calls to people in contact through the app. In the same way, you can also develop a feature for video calls for the users to converse in videos in real-time.

Sending files/images

The WhatsApp clone should also allow users to share their files and documents like images and videos with other users. You can also provide a provision to send files from various formats like pdf, ppt, etc.

Summing up,

A WhatsApp clone app will be the right choice for you to start your messenger apps. So with no further delay, approach developers to develop your robust messaging app.