Develop a bike taxi app that will appreciable among users

Develop a bike taxi app that will appreciable among users
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On-demand Bike Taxi software to help entrepreneurs in creating a fully functional bike taxi commute app.This custom bike taxi app solution comes with pre-loaded

Hi! With the growing population, the need for transportation facilities has increased and so is the number of vehicles. Though there are plenty of public transports, people look for private transports as they can travel conveniently.

Taxi services definitely offer convenience but imagine the number of taxis and congestion it causes on the road. So, here is a transportation service that will provide sophisticated rides and will not cause traffic congestion as well. It is the bike taxi service, where a driving partner will pick up the passengers and drop them off at the destinations.

In this era of highly demanding private transportation services, the bike taxi service is an excellent idea. Here, you will get to know the bike taxi app development and the revenue sources of this business.

How does the bike taxi app function?

First, the passenger will open the app and book the bike taxi by entering the pickup and drop off addresses.

In regard to the booking, the ride details along with the passenger’s details will be sent to the nearest drivers.

Once the driver gets reserves for the ride, he/she will start riding to the user’s place and pick them up.

Next, the driver will commute towards the destination by following the in-app map for directions.

Once the destination arrives, the passenger will make the payment.

List Of Features Available In The Bike Taxi App

Fare estimation

The passenger can know the fare for the ride as the app will notify the fare details before confirming the booking.

Payment options

The passenger can make the payments directly from the app itself using different modes like cards, in-app wallet or other payment options.

Push notifications

The passenger will receive all the ride-related details via push notifications instantly. Through push notifications, you can also send promotional messages.


Passengers can share their reviews of using the bike taxi service using the review feature.

Trip details

Passengers and drivers can know the trip details that comprise trip fare, number of rides, driver details, and location details.


If you have doubts about the scope of bike taxi services, please sweep them away. In these hectic routines, people will obviously go behind transportation services that are both convenient and affordable. So, you can excel in your business for sure. Choose an app development company and get your bike taxi software.