Buckle up to launch your privacy-rich Signal clone from us!

Buckle up to launch your privacy-rich Signal clone from us!
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Turn your vision into reality with our state-of-art Signal Clone integrated with superior functionalities. Join forces with our army of successful customers!

Hi there! The need for communication channels is high with each passing day. Previously, it started with a simple text messaging application. But today, we have instant messaging apps through which we can send unlimited messages that include texts, images, videos, and GIFs. Undeniably, one of the most used instant messaging apps is WhatsApp. The app’s user base totals more than 1.5 billion, which is more than enough to state its popularity.

Unfortunately, the app saw a massive dip in its user base last month when the announcement on privacy policy update rolled out. Users started leaving WhatsApp and started moving towards apps like Signal and Telegram. Within a few days, these apps started gaining popularity, with millions of users joining the app.

Eyeing this as an excellent opportunity, many SAAS companies started developing privacy-rich instant messaging apps. There are still app solutions like Signal clone that will fulfill users’ expectations because nothing can beat WhatsApp’s popularity.

If you are up for developing the Signal clone, then we are ready to fulfill your requirements. Appdupe is a mobile application development company pioneering in clone app development. We have over ten years of experience in this field and have taken up several projects.

What Is A Signal Clone?

Signal clone is an instant messaging app solution using which you can develop an instant messaging app. If you question the specialty of this clone solution, then you have to know about the customization option. We will show you the ready-made Signal clone upon which you can do the customizations. Customization includes everything from the user interface and features of the app. You will be charged based on the customization. With this, we shall move on to the features of our instant messaging app solution.

Feature-Set Of Signal clone

Multimedia sharing

Users can share an unlimited number of multimedia content like videos, images, etc., with other users.

Location sharing

The location-sharing feature is gaining importance and is often eyed as a safety feature. Yes, our Signal clone has a location-sharing feature that lets users share their locations.

Video call/voice call

Through the app, users can interact with other users via voice and video calls.

Secret chats

The app has a secret chat feature that lets users start secret conversations without panicking about data breaches.


I am sure that the concept of Signal clone app development would have pulled your interest. Without looking any further, approach our team, and we are ready to collaborate with you in this app development journey!