Align your handyman services business by launching the TaskRabbit clone

Align your handyman services business by launching the TaskRabbit clone
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Get white-label TaskRabbit Clone to launch your own On-Demand Service Marketplace like Taskrabbit and Thumbtack. Highly Scalable, and 100% Customizable.

Hello there! While multiple on-demand services are creeping into the marketplace, why not the handyman services? Handyman services are definitely one of the most beneficial services in day-to-day life. Say, for example, through a handyman service provider app; users can book the service providers and get the services accomplished at the right time. Come, let us know more in detail about the handyman services app development.

TaskRabbit clone - Ideal for handyman services

TaskRabbit is a popular app that provides hundreds of handyman services by connecting taskers and users on the app. First, let us know the business model of TaskRabbit.

Initially, the app lets users list the handyman services they need and also the amount they are willing to pay. Based on the type of service and the amount of money, taskers will try their chance to grab the opportunity.

But, this model was revamped and was made more automated. In the new business model, the users will list the type of services, and the app will automatically assign it to the tasker. Also, the taskers can mention their availability in the app based on which the app will assign the task.

TaskRabbit clone is a replicated version of TaskRabbit with all the features mounted on the app. If you are aiming for a quick launch, then the clone solution will be the best fit. Also, clone apps are flexible in letting you do the personalization and making it more enriched.

So, let us see more about the app where you will get to know the app’s features.

Firstly, the app’s package encloses the user app, the service provider app, and an admin panel.

The user app - From the user app, the user will book the services. Before that, they will have to complete the registration mandatorily. They can see the list of handyman services and post their request. Once their request gets accepted, the app will let them know the estimated time of arrival and the estimated fare.

The service provider app - The job of the service provider is to accept the request, go to the user’s location, and complete the service. They can also let users know whether they are available or not through the app’s toggle button feature.

Finally, the admin panel lets you monitor all the activities of the handyman service providers and users. So, if you are in the line of handyman services business, consider launching the TaskRabbit clone.