Brake Caliper Paint Service at 10% off by MUM Sports Enter content title here...

Brake Caliper Paint Service at 10% off by MUM Sports Enter content title here...

Mum Sports is an expert brake caliper painter in Fremont, CA. When they paint a caliper, they make sure you get a quality finish that will look artistic and ser

If you live in CA and have been looking for a reliable brake caliper paint service provider, Mum Sports is the company to call. Unpainted calipers are highly prone to oxidation, corrosion, and above all, they look ugly.

MUM Sports have years of hands-on experience in painting calipers of vehicles of all makes and models. We offer custom brake caliper painting services from vintage cars to luxurious sports vehicles and help you modernize your gloomy and dull vehicle into trendy and stylish.

As per the MUM Sports's Spokesperson, our whole process of brake caliper painting is moderately professional. We do not directly remove the calipers from the car; instead, we jack up the vehicle and remove wheels. Removal of calipers from the vehicle may disrupt the brake hoses. Painting calipers require professional expertise as if the fresh un-dried paint gets chipped off; it may affect the brake system putting you and your vehicle in danger.

  • We Clean All the Rust & Dirt from Calipers
  • Get Custom Glossy & Resistant Paint Coating
  • We Offer Same Day Brake Caliper Paint Service

MUM Sports

How Does Our Brake Caliper Paint Service Work?

We are professional brake caliper painters CA who aim to provide you with quality and affordable painting service.

Look at the steps below that we follow:

Cleaning Of Calipers

Like every other auto part with time and extensive use, calipers may get rusted, damaged, and full of road grime. However, before we paint a caliper, we thoroughly clean it with a wire brush or scouring pad and make sure it is free from dirt and ready for paint.

Painting Of Calipers

We have a wide range of bold paint colors such as red, yellow, blue, purple, orange, white, copper, silver, and many more. Depending on your liking, you can choose any color in any finish you want. Whether you need a super matte finish or you want a glossy pop look, we have all the latest heatproof tools and techniques to give the brake caliper your dream color and finish.

Maintenance Of Calipers

We use quality, temperature-resistant, and ceramic pro paint. This paint layer will save your brake calipers from dust, rust, grease, and environmental pollution.

If your car has an unpainted brake caliper or you want to repaint a caliper, give us a call now at 510-657-3224 and let us know which color and finish you want and we will be at your service.