Why are A Zuca Backpack and Cart A Must for A Disc Golfer?

Why are A Zuca Backpack and Cart A Must for A Disc Golfer?

If you are a professional Disc Golfer or even play the game for fun, you know what a struggle it is to carry heavy Disc Golf bags filled with Disc Golf discs.

A full Disc Golf bag weighs 20 pounds, and a Disc Golfer picks up their bags almost 60 times. Feeling tired already?

Disc Golf is played in vast fields for long durations, and therefore a Disc Golfer has to carry essential items along with them all over the field, which is a real struggle as carrying heavy bags for a long time can lead to back pain. So, what shall a Disc Golfer do to not have to carry their heavy bags? He or she can invest in a Zuca Cart and a Zuca Backpack.

What is a Zuca Cart?

Why are A Zuca Backpack and Cart A Must for A Disc Golfer?

Zuca Cart

A Zuca cart is designed to solve the problem of carrying heavy bags on your back. The aluminum frame and the two wheels can carry heavy luggage without much effort from one place to another. So, a Zuca cart is a mobile baggage cart that can be used for different purposes, such as carrying your bags to the campsite or fishing. And for a Disc Golfer, there is Disc Golf Zuca backpack and cart specially designed to hold discs and other essential items one needs on the field.

The Zuca cart comes in two models:

1. All-terrain cart

2. Backpack cart

• Zuca All-terrain Cart: This model is an aluminum frame with wheels that you can use to transport your luggage from one place to another. In this model, you need an additional bag to store your belongings.

Zuca Backpack Cart: This model can convert your backpack into a cart on wheels.

Both the bags come in multiple colors with various specifications, and you can also buy the parts of the cart individually. Therefore, you get to customize the Zuca cart according to your convenience.

What are the Qualities of a Premium Zuca Backpack Cart?

• The cart’s wheels are made from hard foam with rubber coating to provide long-term durability on different fields as these wheels can withstand different weather conditions.

• The metal frame is lightweight without any compromise in the cart's durability.

Is it Difficult to Set Up a Zuca Cart?

If you worry that setting up a Zuca backpack cart is complicated, then relax, as you only need a head screwdriver and Allen wrench to set up the cart if you have ordered it online. Otherwise, you can get the setup done by the dealer; it will only take 5 seconds to remove the handles when you want to transport the Zuca cart in your vehicle.

How will buying a Zuca backpack and cart help a Disc Golfer?

As we know, Disc Golfers carry their bags on an average of 60 times per game, which is a lot. And additionally, it causes back pain which defeats the purpose of playing a sport. The Zuca cart will relieve you from shoulder and back pain as you can transport your backpack on wheels with a Zuca backpack cart.

In addition to the relief from shoulder and back pain, you can now carry more discs which you could not before because of the weight of your backpack. So a Zuca backpack cart will increase your carrying capacity for Disc Golf discs.

Furthermore, you can use the cart as a movable seat in between the game, so when you feel tired, you can sit on the cart and travel from one point to another; therefore, a Zuca cart has versatility when it comes to its utility.

So, put an end to your struggle to carry your belongings, and get yourself a Zuca backpack cart or all-terrain cart as per your needs. Say goodbye to your back pain, and enjoy your game to the fullest.

Here are some of the premium Zuca carts that you can consider if you want a value for money cart or a backpack cart:

• Zuca Transit Cart: This Zuca cart comes with an integrated bag that can hold up to 25 Disc Golf discs and other necessary items as it also has an additional storage space underneath. The best feature of this cart is that the top of the frame opens up for easy access to the top compartment to avoid any mess. Additionally, it can be used as a portable seat.

• Zuca Backpack Cart LG: This backpack cart has an expandable capacity and offers 50% greater capacity than other backpack carts. You can turn your Disc Golf backpack into a rolling backpack and move it anywhere you want.

• Dynamic Discs Transit Cart by Zuca: With this cart, you do not require an additional backpack to use the cart as it already comes with storage space to hold up to 25 Disc Golf discs comfortably. The cart can support a weight of up to 300 lbs., so you can also use it as a portable seat.

Thus, by just looking at the benefits of a Zuca backpack cart, you can see it is a great addition for any Disc Golfer.


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