Laser hair removal in Dubai is a popular cosmetic technique that eliminates unwanted hair from anybody region by using a focused beam of light.

Taking extra care of your skin during laser hair removal is essential for achieving excellent results. It may not appear so, but proper skincare has a direct impact on the outcomes of your treatments. Improper skincare regimens can result in adverse reactions and undesirable outcomes.


While laser does not harm the skin, it is important to soothe it after treatment. Moisturizing is necessary both before and after treatments to maintain the health of your skin. It is common to see red bumps after treatment, but moisturising can help soothe and repair them faster, allowing you to return to your daily routine. We have a Restorative Gel that is specifically designed to repair and soothe your skin more quickly than a regular moisturiser. It alleviates the common reactions seen after being treated.


Exfoliating your skin removes dead skin cells that accumulate and cover your pores, preventing the growth of new, healthy skin cells. When you don't exfoliate, you're more likely to get bumps on the skin's surface. Dead skin cells prevent hair from shedding during laser hair removal, making the procedure less effective overall. These dead skin cells can also act as a barrier for the laser, rendering it ineffective. Exfoliating one to two times per week, focusing on the treatment area, will help you achieve the results you desire.


The sun is not your friend when it comes to laser hair removal. Using sunblock on a daily basis, even in the winter, will keep any adverse reactions at bay. Excessive sun exposure can cause your skin to become so hot that the laser will only overheat your body, causing adverse reactions. We understand that staying out of the sun is unrealistic, but sunblock can help prevent sunburns and tans that would otherwise be irreversible during laser treatment. Simply put, we want you to achieve the best possible results, which means not overheating your body and avoiding adverse reactions.


While getting laser hair removal, avoid using sunless tanning products or spray tans. These products' chemicals do not mix well with laser hair removal and can cause burns and/or discoloration. Be open and honest with your technician about your use of these products, as treating you too soon may result in adverse reactions.

By following instructions provided here, as well as the website's pre- and post-treatment care instructions, you will achieve the best results from your laser hair removal treatments.