Things to Know about the Fees of MBBS in Russia

Things to Know about the Fees of MBBS in Russia

Mainly, this post deals with the costs associated with MBBS admission in Russia.

Top Russian Medical Universities with their Fees of MBBS

Before going into the specifics of the “HOWs”, it’s important to know the most trending medical universities in Russia as well as each Russian medical college fees. The list below states all the requisite details regarding the same.

1. Kabardino-Balkarian State University = 14-15 Lakh INR

2. Tver State Medical University = 18-19 Lakh INR

3. Chuvash State Medical University = 18-19 Lakh INR

4. Perm State Medical University = 23-24 Lakh INR

5. Bashkir State Medical University = 19-20 Lakh INR

6. Voronezh State Medical University = 24-25 Lakh INR

7. Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University = 29-30 Lakh INR

It should be duly noted that the above-mentioned amounts are inclusive of the tuition and accommodation fees, as well as, all the other miscellaneous charges part of the MBBS in Russia fees throughout the 6-year medical program.

Also, the serial numbers above are NOT indicative of rankings but only have been used for numbering/listing purposes.

What makes MBBS fees in Russia so Affordable?

Understanding why the MBBS fees in Russia are this cheap and affordable is no rocket science!

First of all, students need to understand that almost all the medical colleges/universities in Russia (more than 90% of them) are public institutions i.e. funded by the government. This means that all the costs are borne by the government itself, which is why education is available here at a subsidized rate.

Though not the case of all universities, there are many that also receive additional grants from international organizations as part of joint ventures and projects.

Other Aspects under “Cost of MBBS in Russia”

Educational expenses are not the only ones that the students need to take care of. The overall cost of MBBS in Russia includes various other prospects like accommodation, food, and general exploration of the country.

The fees of the medical colleges/universities, therefore, include fooding and lodging charges as well. Apart from this, students also need to spend a little on grocery shopping and once-in-a-while outings/explorations.

In fact, if taking into account the entire MBBS in Russia journey, there are also costs associated with the application and processing of the visa, tickets, as well as, admissions. Thus, it’s advisable for the candidates to earmark an INR 1-2 Lakh budget just for these major and minor formalities.

The purpose of this post was to generate a certain degree of awareness as well as clear their heads regarding the cost of MBBS in Russia. By studying the information above, students shall be able to plan their budget accordingly, which would make their medical education journey easier and smoother.