How Does an Electric Furnace Work?

How Does an Electric Furnace Work?

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We're either talking about gas furnaces or electric furnaces when we talk about furnaces. Oil furnaces are no longer serviced by us since they aren't as effective or efficient as modern versions, and oil costs change too much for us to provide you a good bargain.

For many households, gas furnaces are the first choice. Natural gas is abundant, clean-burning, and effective at keeping a home warm throughout our harsh winters. However, as a result of this, electric furnaces in Avon Lake, OH sometimes acquire a poor rap that they don't deserve! For many homeowners in our area, electric furnaces are the best option.

We'll speak about why an electric furnace can be a suitable option today. Electric furnaces perform great for homes that need to combat chilly temperatures but are a little more off the grid than those with natural gas connections, thanks to their reduced initial purchase price and very efficient design.

Electric Resistance

To power and heat your home, an electric furnace does not use any fuel. An electric furnace, on the other hand, employs electric resistance to heat an area, which is the same method of power used by a space heater. The difference with an electric furnace, on the other hand, is significant because these systems feature extremely efficient and strong heating coils that can heat your entire home.

Your home's air is circulated through the ducts and into the furnace. The heated coil then heats your home's air to a comfortable temperature chosen by the thermostat, which is subsequently cycled into the rooms where you can feel it.

Energy From the Power Grid

One of the most appealing features of an electric furnace is that it is powered by electricity. Although it may appear evident from the name, many homeowners are unaware of the ramifications of using an electric-powered heating system. Electricity, for example, comes from your municipal power system, which can come from a variety of sources.

Because the electricity used to heat your home can originate from solar panels, wind farms, or even hydroelectric dams, electric furnaces are among the most environmentally beneficial technologies available. Investigate the source of your local government's electric power and see if you can use it to power an electric furnace.

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