Off-the-Road (OTR) Tire Market Entering a Transformative Era | TechSci Research

Off-the-Road (OTR) Tire Market Entering a Transformative Era | TechSci Research

With growing environmental consciousness and regulatory policies, new opportunities are opening in the areas of sustainability and standardization.

Tire manufacturing technology has progressed in parallel with growing requirements of automobile manufacturers and ever-growing customer expectations to accommodate new applications, safety, health, and environmental issues. Evolution of new tire construction technologies, emergence of novel materials like nano composites, plasma surface modified carbon black, and new computer simulation techniques have led to the development of new and improved tires that provide enhanced performance and efficiency to modern vehicles. Rapid surge in industrialization, growing mechanization, infrastructural developments in emerging markets, and agricultural activities are increasing demand for tractors, construction, and mining equipment, which in turn, are contributing to OTR tire market growth. Manufacturers are leveraging new compounds, materials, and value-added technologies such as embedded sensors to make OTR tires more durable. With growing environmental consciousness and regulatory policies, new opportunities are opening in the areas of sustainability and standardization.

Intelligent Construction Tires

The new construction tire line’s sensor technology introduced by Continental enable end users to track metrics such as tire performance, temperature and inflation pressure, and longevity. Monitoring the data would lower operating costs and maintenance costs associated with tire inspections, reduce downtime, improve safety, and maximize fuel efficiency. Besides, Continental offers a service called ContiLogger that uses a telematic device with integrated sensors to measure speed, distance, lateral force, road grade, tire pressure, and issues warning for critical conditions such as long idling time, low inflation pressure, low-efficiency cycle pattens, etc.

Green OTR Tires

Recycling OTR tires is a time-consuming, energy-intensive, and costly process that requires up to six stages before the actual process starts. However, innovative OTR tire recycling technologies are reducing the recycling steps to make the recycling process more eco-friendly. Tytec Recycling in collaboration with Green Distillation Technologies Corporation designed the first green recycling solution for off road tires. The recycling technology developed in Australia reclaims the OTR tires into high-quality steel, diesel oil, and carbon in just one step. No cutting, shredding, or grinding of tires is required prior to recycling of OTR tires with the new technology, which results in low emissions and safer work conditions. In a way, the distillation reactors of Tytec Recycling resolve a major environmental problem for mining and agricultural sectors across the globe.

Airless Tire and Wheel System

In 2021, NDX introduced airless tire and wheel system for utility vehicles and turf equipment to solve the recurring problem of flat tires on rough terrains. NDX combines multi-layered construction, engineered structural supports, tread belt, premium rubber compounds, and a deflection management system to optimize energy absorption and load distribution. Less jarring and bouncing would help reduce operator fatigue, resulting in a ride equal to or better than pneumatic tires. Airless tires minimize fuel consumption by up to 10% when compared to other tire options.

According to TechSci Research report on “OTR Tire Market - Global Industry Size, Share Trends Competition, Opportunities and Forecast 2017-2027 Segmented By Demand Category (OEM & Replacement), By Vehicle Type (Mining, Construction & Industrial Equipment, Agriculture Vehicles, Others), By Tire Construction Type (Radial & Bias), and By Region”, the global OTR tire market is expected to reach register a CAGR of 6.6% during the forecast period. The market growth can be attributed to the rising sales of tractors and harvesters and growing investments in the mining industry. Besides, introduction of various plans and programs for the development of mining activities by government of various countries are expected to boost the global OTR tire market in the coming years.