Robotic Total Station Market Growth Drivers, Opportunities and Regional Forecast

Robotic Total Station Market Growth Drivers, Opportunities and Regional Forecast

Total Stations Market Research Report– By Offering (Hardware, Services), By Type (Robotic, Manual), By Application (Construction, Transportation

Market Overview:

A total station is an optical instrument which is useful in measuring horizontal and vertical distances concerning the grid system. The device can perform slope staking, topographic surveys, construction project layouts, point projections, areas and many more. The major advantage of total systems is relatively quick in information collection, the capability of performing multiple surveys at one-point, digital design data from CAD programs which can be uploaded to data collector directly.

The applications of total stations cover wide areas like construction, transportation, oil & gas, mining, agriculture and others. In mining, total stations are used as a primary device for surveying in the mining industry. In this case, total stations are used to record the location of walls, floor, and ceiling. This data helps in comparing with the designed layout, and the recorded reading can be downloaded into CAD program. In construction, the total stations have become the major part of its precision and accurate measurements. Total stations help in from designing of construction to the deployment of the actual building. By providing the wall angles and linear distances, the values are encoded into CAD software, and the design layout can be verified.

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A few salient features of total stations are dynamic angle recording, two-axis compensator which helps in determining axis tilt, online control by computer, keyboard control, digital panel and many more. Leica Geosystems, a global leader in providing surveying and geographical instruments, launched new scan station P50. The device can cover distances more than 1 km. The P50 is high in providing angular accuracy and capable of gathering one million points per second. The device can be deployed in various industry segments like construction, mining, and many more. The extended range of the device helps in capturing more of the city skyline in a small number of steps. The efficiency and accuracy of the total stations are the major factors that are responsible for deployment in many verticals.

The key players in the global Robotic Total Station Market are Changzhou Dadi Surveying Science & Technology Co. (China), Suzhou FOIF Co. (China), Hexagon (Sweden), Survey Instruments Services (Singapore), Hi-Target Surveying Instrument Co. (China), Guangdong Kolida Instrument Co. (China), Maple International Instrument (US), North Group (Spain), Trimble (U.S.), Topcon Corporation (Japan), Kara Company (U.S.), Axis- GPS and Surveying Instruments (Israel), Kwipped (U.S.), Celtic Surveys (Ireland) and others.

Some of the key innovators are Ti Asahi Co. Ltd (Japan), Maple International Instruments Inc. (U.S.), Advanced Surveying Instruments India Pvt. Ltd. (India), GENEQ Inc.(Canada), Leica Geosystems (Switzerland) and others. Key players are continually innovating in the field of total stations to survive in the competitive landscape.

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