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The world of the Internet that brings the world to your fingertips is now the biggest tool to succeed for a professional in this ever changing digital era. Starting from grooming an individual to building a portfolio all the way to connecting with potential employers and researching the sector and the best practices in the industry to get hired and much more - all adds to the goldmine of resources and opportunities.

In this tough world of competition and fitness to survive, each and every professional has to work his heart and brain out to beat the best and stay on top. The recruitment industry comprises various agencies and in-house professionals that work to match potential employees with available job vacancies. The methods and processes used differ across individual organizations, industry sectors and job roles.

Organizations go for varied choices when it comes to hiring the right talent. The Human Resources no wonder either depend on finding the right person internally or rely on online platforms. Certain organizations find the better option of choosing a professional Recruitment consultant, who can make the processes much easier at par with industry standards. LEAP has always been instrumental in providing the ideal candidates to the companies. At LEAP, we stick on to an organized and professional approach starting from the scratch of sourcing the candidates to doing the basic background check and online social life of the aspirants, which is more of a need at present. Our approach to recruitment is distinct and we carry out interviews based on the requirements of the companies as well as the positions. We update our team with the latest strategies and the new roles being developed across the industries, so that the TAT becomes low.

Speaking on the operations and documentation part, LEAP do have services of Vault where we stag and club the academic, employment and other credentials of the candidates online. The digitization helps in accessing the documents at any point of time and has been serving as a great advantage to the job aspirants as well as the enterprises/organizations.

LEAP extensively offers resume help and other career resources crafted by certified resume writers, these days you get everything you need to create application materials that will help you land the role you want. It takes more than a sleek resume to get the job that’s right for you. There are extensive resources, How-to articles, and advice from real career experts that will help you find the right career path and answer your lingering job questions. We also do a brief training on the etiquette, attitude and skills one should exhibit during the interview. In fact, it is said that, interviewers take a decision in the initial five minutes itself and the first impression plays a big role in getting the job. Moreover, we guide the candidates according to their passion, interests, skills and experience, offering them umpteen opportunities in the world of careers.

Organizations can make the best hire through us. We as recruitment consultants first make an in- depth study of the positions, JDs, KRAs & KPIs and then source the manpower for companies.

With the right talent onboard, companies transform and LEAP ensures the same.

If you are an employer or an aspirant looking to find the right match, log onto LEAP- one of the leading and trending professional networking sites out there. It’s safe, secure and encrypted. You have a whole lot of features that meet your requirements.