Post Jobs in France For Free

Post Jobs in France For Free

Spreading your work across multiple job sites is one of the best ways to attract a strong source of active talent.

These are our top choices for the best job-searching sites in France, where you can post your job for free when you are looking for talent to fill your role, not only in France as well as sourcing talented professionals from other nations who would like to work for French companies.

As the global spread of COVID-19 continues to confine us to our homes, the social distancing guidelines are impacting people's daily lives in many different ways. Students are taking online lessons and many full-time workers have stayed busy by working at home. Post Jobs in France

In some cases that aren't able to travel to work has led to companies having to make cuts and let employees quit. In the event that this is the case for you, or if you're just looking for a new job, there's really no reason not to be monitoring the job boards now. While some employers have stopped hiring, there are industries , like medical companies and key worker positions that are hiring faster than ever.

Whatever career you're after it's crucial to stay connected to job boards. At Momji, we are one of the largest international employers in France and we know where you should be looking to find work. Here are the top 5 job sites you can check out for employment in the quarantine!


Indeed is an awe-inspiring a job site and hugely popular in France. It's an international operation, so you may well utilized the job-finder within The United Kingdom or your home country. A vast number of job opportunities in France are posted on the website - a lookup for "English-speaking" roles in France will yield hundreds of jobs in the first few minutes!

After you've typed the search query, a helpful filter tool will allow you to sort results by the date of posting or the relevance of the search, as as the type of contract, salary , and precise place of residence. It is possible to set up the weekly email alerts to be on the lookout for new information.

Keli Jobs

Keljob is a leading French job board that offers job advertisements for multiple sectors everywhere in the world. It is among the most popular job boards with more than 1.3 million views per month. There are currently more than 50,000 open jobs across multiple different areas of specialization. Keli Jobs is also affiliated to several other French job boards that help businesses find a larger talent database.


Snaphunt is a highly efficient hiring platform that allows businesses to discover, screen and select candidates from across the world including France. Employers can make their job announcements absolutely free of charge through Snaphunt by signing up for an account . This gives them immediate access to the best talent from a pool comprising 1 million candidates and more than 350 million profiles from numerous data sources on the internet and having job postings distributed to twenty or more job portals. Job Posting in France

APEC is dedicated to finding the right candidate for your job. With more than 77000 positions posted on their portal, APEC guarantees that your jobs will get the maximum exposure to a larger number of candidates through its many job board distribution partners. APEC has more than 300000 profile profiles who are registered with them. In addition, APEC offers several job offer templates that you could use to connect with the best applicants who are being offered.


Indeed is the largest job board and provides both free and sponsored (paid) job advertisements and has a substantial presence in France. According to Indeed (Global) the platform has a total of 250 million unique visitors every month and strives to prioritize job seekers by providing them with free access to search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies.

Google For Jobs

Job postings through Google for Jobs, in France is possible if you organize the HTML content of job postings so they can be crawled via Google for Jobs. In addition, you could post your job free of charge on Snaphunt which will automatically share your job post on Google for Jobs as well as numerous other job posting websites. Google for Jobs automatically indexes your branded career page on Snaphunt.


Monster is the highest-rated web-based job portal in France and is used by over 1000 recruiters from all over the world to search for resumes. Your job advertisement will be published on 200 Monster partner sites when you post it on Monster. Your job advertisements are optimized for mobile devices. This means that you can reach potential candidates no matter what device they are using.


LinkedIn is a key tool for professionals seeking jobs. Create a profile highlighting your skills and qualifications, then create networks of colleagues as well as former colleagues. From there, LinkedIn will find roles that match your profile and send them at you. Additionally you can build an e-network of connections can be an access point to a company!

The search for jobs feature on LinkedIn is globally accessible and the hyperlinks provided for applying will normally direct you directly to the company and not require you to submit your information to third-party. If you choose to upload your CV on the platform then you will be able to take advantage of the 'Easy Apply' option the site offers on certain roles.


If you're from England and live in France it is likely that you've had a glimpse of The Local. The international news organisation operates across the continent and has a specialized France team who work in Paris.

As well as English-language news in France Additionally, the site pools jobs for English-speakers across a variety of industries. It's not guaranteed that you will get the amount of coverage Indeed or LinkedIn could provide you however it is certain that your English speaking abilities are sought after in these positions.


When you're walking around France, you've no doubt visited an Pole Emploi offices. The French governmental agency registers unemployed individuals and works to find their a suitable job. It's been operational since 2009, when it combined the ANPE and UNEDIC.

Pole Emploi offers a sleek and reliable service that is backed by accredited employers. You can enter your location and browse every job opening that is available. At present when you are in quarantine openings are regularly added to the website so make sure to monitor the site regularly! For the majority of these positions However, a good knowledge of French will be needed.


While the roles of babysitters and foreign language teachers may be in for a short period while the nation heals itself from COVID-19, we're fortunate to be part of an industry that's expected to come back relatively unscathed. In the event that life begins returning to normal parents will require childcare services and the need to study English is now bigger than ever!

Be sure to register with Momji. It's only 2 minutes to fill in a form and you can be expecting a phone call from HR's HR consultant shortly after. Our process for hiring is not affected!

From then on, the best thing is that we will do the work for you! We'll track your availability in relation to location, experience and qualifications, and discover a family. When everything's up in the air, our tried and true procedure is the best option should you be looking for work!