How to Fix HP Printer Not Printing Issue?

How to Fix HP Printer Not Printing Issue?

HP printer not printing is a common issue that can be faced by more users. The HP Printer, not printing issue can be caused due to various reasons.

Why is HP Printer Not Printing?

Most users have faced HP Printer not printing issue. There are several reasons that can cause the printer not to print. The major reasons of HP printers won’t print:

· The Printer is outdated or missing drivers

· Bad Configuration in windows

· Faulty Connections

· Paper Jammed

· Low or dried Ink cartridges

Precise Steps to Fix the HP Printer Not Printing Issue

1. Check Basic Troubleshooting

When your HP Printer stops working, then you can some troubleshooting first. Follow the steps to fix it:

· Check the connection between printer and computer

· Make sure devices are connected properly

· Check the network cables, you use to connect it

· Restart your HP Printer

· Turn off the Printer and unplug from the power cord

· Wait for some minutes and then plug the cord back

· Turn on the printer and try to print the document

2. Update the Printer Drivers

Sometimes, the faulty drivers may be the reason the printer won’t print the documents. To fix the issue, you need to update or reinstall the printer driver. You can reinstall or update printer drivers in two ways.

· Manually Update printer drivers

· Automatic update printer drivers

When you update the printer drivers manually, if you faced any trouble, then you can contact HP experts through Free live chat. HP support experts help you to update the printer drivers properly.

3. Check Network Connection:

Check the wired and wireless network connection. If you use the wireless network, make sure the Wi-Fi has a proper network. Sometimes the low network connection may create issues when you print the document.

Also, you use the Wired network, then check the Ethernet cables. Make sure the cables haven’t any damage or break. If the cables have been damaged or some other issue, then change the damaged cables with a new one.

4. Clear the Paper Jam:

Paper jamming is one more reason that the HP printer not printing. Paper jamming issues occur when the paper has stuck in the paper tray. Clean the paper tray, and remove any stuck paper and unnecessary jams.

5. Cancel all Print jobs in Queue:

Sometimes the Printer not print due to being stuck in the print queue. The print queue failed print jobs and stop functioning. You need to clear all print jobs to get your HP printer back.

The Printer not printing is a major issue and it has been fixed with these simple steps. Apply above these steps to fix the printer not printing issue. If you have faced any trouble fixing the printer not printing issue, then contact the HP printer support through Free live chat and call on the toll-free number +1-877-614-7218.