Ways To Settle Permanent in Canada

Ways To Settle Permanent in Canada

There are numerous ways to get approval from the Canadian Government for a Canadian Permanent Residency. All you need to do is to research an immigration progra


There could be several questions revolving around Canadian immigration like which program to choose, and what are its eligibility criteria. The Canadian Government has a huge structure for its immigration program.

There are numerous immigration programs with different eligibility criteria to cover every kind of group of professionals


The immigration program holds maximum prominence in Canadian immigration. This program is the ultimate immigration pathway for skilled workers who have the vision to migrate to Canada to obtain a status of Canadian Permanent Residency.

The process for this program begins by creating an Express Entry profile which will be supported by a CRS scoring. The score is a representation of the level of language proficiency, skill set, etc.

The applications for this program are released by the Canadian Government every fourteen days. The IRCC claims to process the applications under this program within a time period of 6 months.

The cost for processing the application of Express Entry is dependent on various factors like language tests, police certificates, etc.

Although the primary fee for the Canadian permanent residency application which needs to be paid by every applicant is $1,325 for each adult whereas the IRCC charges $225 for every child. Now you can estimate the budget for your application.


This immigration program is executed by all the Canadian provinces and territories themselves. There is no interference from the Canadian Federal Government in the draws of the provincial nominee programs. All the eligibility criteria, requirements of skills, and the number of invitations are the decision of the provincial government. This provincial program is released according to the requirement of labor and at what time.


The Canadian Government has introduced many Canadian immigration programs to retain immigrants belonging to the group of skilled workers, students, etc.

More than ninety thousand spots were reserved for immigrants belonging to these categories last year. Although the immigrants need to demonstrate a strong intention for immigration to get their applications processed faster.


Apart from the Canadian immigration programs mentioned above, there are more immigration programs formed by the Canadian government to attract immigrants from different countries from different groups.

Programs like the Quebec Skilled Workers Program and Quebec Experience Program are implemented by the federal government of Canada. The provincial government decides if the applicant will be able to adapt to the conditions of the province.

Another program named Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is designed for skilled workers who aim to move to the province of Atlantic Canada.

Programs like Caregiver programs are run to invite caregivers into the country for the sole purpose of looking after the children and senior citizens of the country.

Programs like the Start-Up Program, are specially designed for entrepreneurs who wish to run a business of their own in the Canadian province.


This Canadian immigration program is specially designed for immigration applicants whose relatives reside in Canada and are ready to sponsor their whole stay in Canada. The process of getting a Canadian permanent residency through this program starts by getting a sponsorship from any relative who resides in Canada and has to be more than 18 years of age.

The cost and the processing time of this application are related to the relationship you share with the sponsoring relative.

For example- if the sponsored immigrant is your partner, the cost for processing the application will be $1,050 and will take a time period of a year to process. The processing cost of applications for the sponsored child will be $150.


Work permits are granted to temporary skilled workers which require an LMIA assessment. The reason for conducting an LMIA assessment by a Canadian employer is to show the Canadian Government the inadequacy of skilled workers in the country and thus have to call skilled workers from abroad.

The Canadian government does offer immigration programs that do not require any LMIA to be assessed. LMIA exempt programs are usually collaborations with other countries to reciprocate immigrants, students, and entrepreneurs to each other's country.

Although the cost and the time for processing of applications are dependent on the program, the applicant chooses.


Canada owns some of the world’s top universities, and studying in Canada is a privilege in itself. the dream of moving to Canada to study can be accomplished by applying for Post-Graduation Work Permit. Not only you will get access to Canadian education through this immigration program, but the Canadian Government gives access to its students of this category to work.

A student immigrant can only study in Canada after getting a Letter of Acceptance from DLI of Canada. As an LOA has to be submitted to the IRCC in order to get a study permit from the IRCC.

The applicant has to perform certain other formalities like submitting the LOA, demonstrating language proficiency in either French or English, and being financially sound.


The cost involved in migrating and residing in Canada can be a significant factor. The amount can be different for different people, such as documentation processing time, programs, etc. Varies.

Not only the process of immigration is expensive, but living in Canada is equally expensive. According to a database, Numbeo, the average expenses of a 4-member family are likely to be $3,674 for a month which also excludes the amount of rent.

Whereas the average expense for an individual is likely to be $1,019 for a month that too without the cost of the rent.

The rent of Canadian property can vary according to the location, and type of property an immigrant resides in. But a rough estimation shows that around 35-45% of the total income is spent on rent.

The average price of rental property of a single room is estimated to be around $350 for a month, whereas the average price of rental property of a big apartment is likely to be around $2000 for a month.


A candidate has to consider a lot of factors while deciding on the province he/she has decided to settle in. Factors like cost of living in the province, and cost of rental properties in the province.

Following is the detailed information regarding the cost involved in living in different Canadian provinces


People migrating to this province usually prefer this place because of its scenic beauty and less expensive nature. Atlantic Canada includes places like Nova Scotia, PEI, etc. The average rent for a two-bedroom flat may cost you around $1,165 and this is the lowest rent for such property in the whole Canada.

Whereas the average salaries of people working in Atlantic Canada ranges from $45,000 to $55,000.


This province is on the priority list of French speakers. And the province too prefers immigrants whose primary language is French. The prices of property in this province are comparatively lower than the other Canadian provinces.


The place is the most famous city in Canada as well as in Canada. The place has expensive properties, the cost of renting a bedroom apartment can be as expensive as $2,300 for a month. Although all the places in Ontario are not expensive, places like Sault Ste have 2-bedroom apartments for $1,000 a month.


Immigrants move here because of the abundance of economic opportunities the province has to offer. The average rent in Manitoba, Alberta is higher whereas the average rent of places in Manitoba, Winnipeg is comparatively lower.


The place is a special place for adventurous people who love to ski and golf. The price of flats in Vancouver is higher. Although some places that will be low on your budget.


Migrating to Canada is the first step you take toward your dream life. Once you have moved to Canada, you surely have to look for social groups, health insurance, and various other important things for survival. The whole process of setting up life in a completely different nation with different cultures and languages might be intimidating for a newbie, but the exposure and life Canada gives are all worth all the struggles.