Chartering a Sailboat to a Faraway Island

Chartering a Sailboat to a Faraway Island

A sailboat can take you on a wonderful journey away from home, across the sparkling aquamarine ocean to distant lands. Consider renting a sailboat for a week and sailing off to the fabulous island of your dreams, or plan a multi-destination trip. Take a sip of your drink while admiring the ocean spray from the sailboat. The possibilities are limitless, and the decision is entirely up to you.

Sailboat charters are becoming increasingly popular among people who return to islands on vacation year after year. People who have gone on cruises and yacht excursions are deciding to go it alone. The more intimate setting that sailboats provide is appealing to those who are tired of the large groups that cruise ships and yachts tend to provide. Without the captain and crew, also known as a bareboat charter, the rental price can be much lower and more exciting, as you can design your itinerary. If you can't think of a reason why you'd rather charter a sailboat, here are a few.

Reasons to Book a Sailboat Charter

While there are many sailboat charters available from the United States, sailboats are frequently chartered to people who are already at their destination. St. Vincent has mountains and a volcano and is located near Barbados and St. Lucia. Its rainforest is something to be proud of, and the botanical gardens inspire anyone who visits this beautiful island. St. Vincent is a great place to sail your boat to, with waterfalls, nature trails, and scuba diving.

The Grenadines are an excellent reason, if not an excuse, to charter a sailboat. Sailing from one island to the next is a breeze because the islands are clustered together. These stunning islands are only fifteen minutes from St. Vincent. The little islands are cute to bounce around to atop a sailboat, as they still practice old sea-faring traditions and produce an old-world charm.

Moving on to the Caribbean, where there are even more islands to visit, the sailboat can transport you back and forth. These islands, with their diverse cultures and traditions, are yet another reason to book a sailboat charter.

There are numerous reasons, or excuses, why someone would want to charter a sailboat. There are two ways to "charter" one of these sailboats. You can pay for a full charter, which includes a captain and crew to cater to your needs and desires. In this case, you can keep your navigator job and direct the crew where to go, or you can let them take you on a tour using their map. You could also go the do-it-yourself route and charter the boat bareboat, without the captain and crew. You'll need to know your way around the isles and how to maneuver the boat, but with a chartered sailboat, that shouldn't be too difficult. Finding an excuse to use a sailboat charter is easy; the difficult part is deciding where to go.

Purchasing a Used Sailboat

If you want to experience the freedom of sailing and moving gracefully through the water using only wind power, then purchasing a used sailboat is the way to go. With so many sailors on the water – and owners growing out of smaller boats or downsizing from larger boats – the used sailboat market is currently thriving. The sailboat of your dreams could be on the market right now, waiting for you to find her!

If you know what to look for, buying a used sailboat can be a safe, high-value bet. Look for sailboats that have been owned by the same person for a long time. This means that even if the boat was not meticulously maintained - which many are - you still have access to the sailboat's history and the conditions it was subjected to.

Sailboats are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. A used sailboat with a strong hull will be comparable to a brand new sailboat. The sails, lines, and mast are also important components to consider. If these parts appear to be in good condition and the sailboat's basic structure is sound, there is no need to purchase a new sailboat. If the sailboat comes with a suspect engine, consider the cost of a new engine versus how important it is to your sailing needs. Remember that while these types of parts can always be removed and replaced, the hull cannot.

The key to purchasing a used sailboat is research, research, and more research. Know your requirements, know your budget, and look for a sailboat that meets your requirements. If you require additional assistance, there is a wealth of information available online that can assist you in purchasing a used sailboat.