Tips for a Healthy BladderEnter content title here...

Tips for a Healthy BladderEnter content title here...

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People with bladder issues suffer from various variations of a disease. They get tired of frequent peeing, constant pain, the uneasy feeling leading to lots of frustration and anger in their daily lives. If you are or you know someone who is suffering from bladder issues and hasn’t reached to the point to where they are able to overcome it then here are few tips for you.

Fluids are your best buddy

If you are one of those people suffering from bladder sensitivity including frequent peeing you should make fluids your recent best friends. As contradictory as it may sound but fluids are the way to keep a healthy renal system and excrete bacteria out of your body. If you are consuming enough fluids especially water the renal system in your body will function properly and get enough fluids to keep the kidneys thus bladder clean.

Drink enough fluids, water in particular. Every day, most healthy individuals should aim to drink six to eight 8-ounce glasses of fluid. For bladder wellbeing, water is the safest fluid. Water should reflect at least half of the fluid intake. As a consequence of such disorders, such as kidney failure or heart disease, certain individuals need to drink less water.

Quit smoking

Smoking is your enemy and there is not a single reason as to why you should quit smoking immediately. If you are a frequent smoker you are going to suffer from multiple diseases down the road. Moreover, Smoking can lead to urinary incontinence, and their risk is increased by those who do smoke. Though researchers are not completely sure why this happens, they suspect that the way nicotine interacts with your bladder has something to do with it. Chronic cough, which can cause bladder leakage, is frequently suffered by smokers.

Consider supplements

We understand you are tired of bladder issues and the prostate problems. We know it is hard to spend a normal life when you are continuously greeted with troubling bladder problems. Don’t worry now the researchers have come up with various solutions that can help you improve your prostate health. One famous market hit is the Prostagenix supplements to ensure a healthy prostate health. Sure, you may find it a little expensive but with Prostagenix coupons you can get it for lower rates.


Yoga brings a new level of peace and satisfaction to your brain. It is advised to have an at least 5 minute yoga before you go to bed to bring your mind to a state of rest and remove the tension from your body. Besides, yoga plays a vital role in strengthening your posture which will make your core strong and muscles tighter.

Pelvic exercise

Pelvic floor exercises help keep urine in the bladder, also known as Kegel exercises. These muscles, which can help prevent urine from escaping when you sneeze, cough, raise, laugh, or have a sudden urge to urinate, can be improved by regular workouts.

Fruits and herbal teas

In several varieties, fruit and herbal teas come and usually are free of caffeine. However, ginseng may stimulate the bladder and can improve the urgency and frequency of urination.

Lemon water

Lemon is high in vitamin C and is a potent antioxidant that alkalizes the body. It helps inhibit the growth of bacteria. It also serves as a diuretic agent, flushing dangerous contaminants out of the urinary tract, helping to prevent the recurrence of UTI.

Healthy weight

Obesity is the leading cause to many problems and that being said people suffering from this fatal disease understand how obesity can ruin your life. Disease after disease you are left tired and done with your body. One of the major reasons to prostate and bladder issues is being overweight.

Doctors have closely related urinary incontinence with being overweight and the logic behind it is people. As your weight increases the pressure on pelvic floor muscles increases that do not allow the complete urine to be passed out from your bladder.