DIY Room Décor Ideas

DIY Room Décor Ideas

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We all have that phase in our life where we want to represent ourselves in the best way through our living space. While many people love to tidy up and maintain their living space there are some who do not care about the pile of clothes on the chair or the fading paint behind the bed. Either way it’s a personal choice and everyone should be live where they feel most comfortable.

But a proven study suggests that living space do have an impact on our minds. From the way we think to the way our mind works, it is majorly affected by the condition of our surroundings. If you are one of those people who take this research seriously and are now planning to do some serious revamping to your bedroom then this simple list of basic tricks and tips is for you.

1. Declutter

We have been gathering and hoarding stuff in our bedroom for years and it has been of no good. When we open our cupboard 4-5 clothes fall on the ground and in the effort to put them back you even drop some more. This is very frustrating and believe it or not many people avoid finding the perfect outfit just because of this trouble.

Even though no one is going to search through your wardrobe you must be aware of the extra stuff that has been sitting in there for years and you haven’t worn it once. Get rid of those pajamas that are too small to fit for too cute to throw out. They are of no good and just taking up the good place.

And this does not only go for wardrobe, it is for your entire room. Throw away any unnecessary stuff lying around your bedroom whether it gives you happiness or not. This way you will be left with the selected stuff that can only be easy to manage and the whole room will look clean automatically!

2. Spend Some Wise Dollars

We don’t want you throw away everything you own and get everything new. This is just not good. But do you have a corner that could use an extra chair with a foot rest? Or your side tables could rock with a little cute lamp. Whether you need a new dressing to change the entire atmosphere or a little study table where all of your notes and notebooks could go while you work and sit there in peace.

Make a list of what items you could use to add value to your room and buy them. We know buying furniture is expensive but if you are revamping your place then you need to loosen up your pocket a little. You can also use the furnishare coupon code to get high quality furniture for low price. That’s a good deal!

3. Don’t Ignore the Little Things

We all have heard that the little things make up the most difference and it is how you change your perception of the room. The little things in the room include ceiling, lights, wall décor, door, and bed sheets. These little things can lift up your mood like nothing else.

Imagine getting those neon glowing stars on your ceiling that shine at night and give a sense of lying under the big peaceful sky. Or having a peaceful lighting in your room that will give you a peaceful feeling after a long tiring day.

And not to forget the impact of simple and cute wall hangings, such as small colorful paintings, a cute wall clock or even a mirror that shows you what an amazing person you are daily.