Sell Old Phone

Sell Old Phone

Sell and recycle your old or unused mobile phone with Sell Old Phone

What they say: "Selloldphone provides an easy online process for consumers to sell their unused mobile phone(s). They accept any mobile phone and guarantee you will receive payment within 7 days.Even if there is no cash value in your phone listed with the mobile recycling Recycle symbol they will still recycle them for you. That is how you do your bit for the environment!"

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Selloldphone offer a freepost service and payment is normally made within 48 hours. Their sister company provide free recycling bins to schools to help enable them to raise funds for their chosen causes and also work closely with cancer fighting organizations. They also link to who provide more links to more mobile phone recycling websites.

How to sell your phone with Sell Old Phone

1. Visit the Sell Old Phone site and click on the "Sell Now" tab on the menu.

2. From here you will be able to select the manufacturer of your mobile phone. You can either click on the associated image for your make of mobile phone or do a search using the inbuilt search box.

You then choose the model of your mobile phone as well. Once you have selected your make and model you will then have the option of choosing of whether it's a working or non-working phone and shown a price for each type. If you are happy with the price click to add it to the cart and click checkout or continue if you have more than one mobile phone to sell.

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3. If you see a recycling logo instead of a price value for the phone it means Sell Old Phone will not purchase the phone from you but will still take it to be recycled. They will still send a freepost envelope for you to send it in to them for free. If you are happy with the price offered for your phone click checkout and the next page is a confirmation page where you can choose how many of the mobile phones you are selling. For just one phone just leave it as is and click on "confirm order". From here you will just need to create an account on the site and give them your details such as name and address and agree with the sites terms & conditions.

4. Once you have entered all your details and registered with the site you will be given a freepost address to send your phone to. You can also request a freepost envelope. I would suggest if you are sending in your phone to ensure it's in a well padded envelope or jiffy bag and send it via Royal Mails special recorded delivery service. This insures your package up to £500 of loss.

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5. Sell Old Phone will receive your phone, check it and then email you confirmation that it's working and that they will be sending you a cheque for the amount shown on site. You will then normally receive your payment by cheque within 2 - 3 days but no longer than 7 days.

Sell Old Phone have quite competitive prices offered for mobile phones. I have checked how much I can get for my Nokia e65 and was offered around £1.50 more than their main competitors.

4 Easy steps to sell your mobile phone.

Select your mobile phone

Complete the order form

Send in your mobile

Receive your payment

What happens now?

Sell Old Phone will give your old mobile phone a brand new lease of life. Depending on the phones condition they will refurbish it and sell it on to people who can't afford to buy brand new mobiles such as people in third world countries. If the phone can't be refurbished it's dismantled and the precious metals are re-used in making new phones.

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