Become A Catalyst For What You Truly Stand For

Become A Catalyst For What You Truly Stand For

Some years ago when I chose the road pointing to "entrepreneurship" and embarked upon a career as a professional writer

Some years ago when I chose the road pointing to "entrepreneurship" and embarked upon a career as a professional writer, I was introduced to many new words that I had never really thought about or used in my everyday vocabulary. As I increasingly enriched my vocabulary and learned the "buzz words" resume writers are inundated with, I began to hear the term "catalyst" used over and over again.

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I became so intrigued with the word that one day I quickly ran over to the bookshelf in my office, grabbed my dictionary, and began flipping through its 2000 pages to explore its meaning. By definition, a "catalyst" is "a substance that alters the rate of a chemical reaction but is chemically unchanged at the end of the reaction."

I scratched my head and thought to myself that this "catalyst" word did not fit into my business vocabulary at all . . . at least not in a way that I could immediately relate to. More investigation was certainly in order.

As I delved further into my research materials, I soon developed a passion for the word, as its definition took on a whole new meaning. I began to compare the chemical terminology to that of real life individuals and was astonished at what a person can accomplish when they are totally sold on something and become a catalyst for its advancement!

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In my research, I learned that a catalyst as a chemical is a promoter and is used over and over again, so a small portion can go a long way. It works rapidly in enhancing the speed of a chemical reaction . . . but through all of this, the catalyst is unchanged. At the end of the process, it remains the same. It works by colliding into molecules and causing them to quickly reproduce.

Simply put, a catalyst in the human sense of the word is a person who can make things happen . . . basically, a mover and a shaker. The mission of the human catalyst is to serve as a promoter for a certain cause.

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For example, an individual who is a strong advocate for the advancement of women working from home is one who quickly initiates a campaign or mission, and is able to radiate his/her enthusiasm and zeal in such a way that he/she creates a reaction that literally draws others into his/her crusade.

The catalyst is crystal clear and unmoved in his/her mission and can make things happen. He/She is continuously moving and recruiting others, all working toward a common goal. Throughout the process, the catalyst does not change. He/She simply continues to move forward in realizing his/her mission.

The term "catalyst" grew to be an important word to me as a Certified Professional Resume Writer. I have discovered many other dynamic words in my entrepreneurial travels, but "catalyst" has come to be a word that continues to intrigue me. As I have grown fonder of the word, I have tried to associate its meaning in my own professional life. Recently, its meaning has completely unfolded for me.

I, along with several other entrepreneurs, was recently invited to serve as a founding member of an organization that has been developed to promote professionalism online.

As you know, with the increasing number of businesses popping up on the Internet each day, the term "professionalism" has begun to take on a new meaning as it is being stretched to its outer limits. The International Council of Online Professionals has been established as "The Standard For Integrity In Online Business."

Founded by j.l. Scott, ph.d., the organization's mission, in a nutshell, is to simply encourage professionalism and good ethical behavior for all Internet businesses. As a steadfast promoter of professionalism in all facets of business,

I not only consider it an honor and a privilege to be involved in the grassroots start-up of this organization, but I also feel it has afforded me an opportunity to become a catalyst for something I truly stand for! It is my goal to do my part in helping make the Internet a better place to do business through assisting in the educational development and implementation of information, programs, and forums that promote professionalism online.

For what cause would you be considered a catalyst? In the grand scheme of things, what would you like to be known for having accomplished? By becoming a catalyst, or promoter, for something you truly want to see come to light, you build confidence in yourself, learn to stand for something in that you strongly believe, and increase your exposure. Remember, just a small amount of "catalyst" goes a long way in accomplishing its mission. Give a little of yourself for what you believe in and watch great things ignite!

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