Apple Delays Major Launch

Apple Delays Major Launch

Although the rumor was circulating in the media that the famous company Apple was preparing to launch

Apple delays major launch

Although the rumor was circulating in the media that the famous company Apple was preparing to launch a new portable touch screen PC, the truth is that it seems to have changed its strategy,

and this product will not see the light of day yet, and instead there will be advances and improvements for the famous iPod.


An ambitious attempt

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Many aspire to success in the portable computing market, and the alternatives are various and of different scope - suffice it to mention the original but incipient Amazon Kindle.

In this sense, Apple is no exception, and comments about the imminent launch of a laptop with the characteristic stamp of the firm - ergonomics and functionality in bulk - were not scarce until recently.

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However, in the opinion of specialists, the announcement of a product of such importance requires more time and projection, which is why it may be until the end of this year, or the beginning of the next, when

Apple's tablet PC can finally be accessible to the millions of loyal consumers that this American company has. This long-awaited equipment would add to the splendid catalog of the firm, which includes the iPod, the iPhone, and Mac computers.

iPod Enhancements

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Traditionally, important launches and announcements of new products have been carried out annually during the month of September.

Such is the reason why, despite the refusal to present the tablet PC for these upcoming September days, it is expected that Apple, instead, will announce important accessories for its liked multimedia player, the iPod.

For example, it is believed that digital cameras will be added to the iPod and iPod nano, and even the iPod Touch, so revolutionary at the time, would now come with a video camera.

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Apple's bet, in general, is to link each of these products to each other through a specialized service such as the Itunes program or the commercialized download alternative of Apple Store multimedia files.

It is contemplated that the new Apple laptop will work with a moderate consumption processor whose manufacture has been entrusted to Samsung, and also, a wireless chip produced by the Qualcomm company.

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It is worth mentioning that similar cutting equipment launched by Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo and Fujitsu are for sale.

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