A Day in the Life of an Entrepreneur

A Day in the Life of an Entrepreneur

Fact . . . one of the reasons we are so enticed to work from home is "flexibility." But how many of us are really utilizing this valuable commodity to its full

Fact . . . one of the reasons we are so enticed to work from home is "flexibility." But how many of us are really utilizing this valuable commodity to its fullest and intended extent?

What does flexibility really mean to you? Does it represent the opportunity to close down your business in the middle of the day and run to the grocery store? Does it open up the opportunity to allow you to get your housework done between projects and meetings?

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Does it allow you the time you need to pick your children up from school or even have school at home? Flexibility practiced in the appropriate manner should certainly allow you to do all of this and more!

While it may sound contradicting, planning is the key to flexibility. It can work well when you plan ahead and allow time in your schedule to be flexible.

For example, if you do happen to educate your children at home, you must establish a schedule that allows you to work certain hours and conduct school during certain hours.

Flexibility is often stretched to its limits when entrepreneurs perceive they are able to drop work and run just because they want to. Of course, there are times when situations arise that present justifiable reasons for having to just drop everything and take care of something else.

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But the bottom line is that you are in business and business must be conducted in a professional manner whether it is done from home or in an office somewhere else.

The day in the life of an entrepreneur turns out best when the day is planned in advance, allowing for flexibility ahead of time.

The key to maximizing your time and allowing for flexibility is to take time to draft a schedule at least a week in advance, review it each evening and make adjustments as the workflow demands, and stick to it as closely as possible.

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As you draft your schedule for the week, make a list of everything you know of in advance that you must accomplish during the upcoming week. List these items on your daily planner in order of priority for each day.

Include your doctor appointments, work assignments that have come in, and any other task you must take time to accomplish. Assign each appointment or project a designated amount of time in which it should be accomplished.

If Tuesday afternoon appears free, mark off that time to take care of additional personal chores, errands, or pampering.

As the week progresses, adjust your schedule to allow for incoming work, additional appointments or meetings, or personal activity. If you prefer not to work on Wednesdays, mark the day off in your daily planner and do not schedule any work to be done on that day.

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However, make sure you have all work assignments covered for the week prior to taking time off.

By following these guidelines and committing to stick to them, you will discover that flexibility takes on a whole new meaning. Your business and personal life will be more productive, and you will find that you actually have more time to practice the art of flexibility!

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