Metaverse: The Future of Social Media

Metaverse: The Future of Social Media

Is metaverse really the future of social media? Find out about the activities you can already do through it today and how it can affect virtual and hybrid event

Surely, you have heard about the recent buzz surrounding metaverse investments and developments. Are you wondering if meta is shaping the future of social media and marketing? How can this affect globalization?

In 2021, more resources and money have been invested into the metaverse. Companies began pouring in a great amount of money into meta. One of these is Nike, which partnered with RTFKT Studios (a sneaker-focused metaverse icon). This just proves that more businesses and people are getting convinced that metaverse is the future of social media.

In addition, many companies are starting to develop their own metaverse platform. They believe that this will be the next great venue for virtual and hybrid events and e-commerce.

However, it is still early to conclude that meta will hold the digital future. Yes, 2021 was its breakout year, but we have yet to see its staying power in the following years.

What Can Be Done in Metaverse

Let us find out some of the activities and actions that anyone can also do in the metaverse:

1. Networking

As expected, metaverse will start as a social platform. It is banking on the existing virtual reality that allows users to connect and interact with each other. In the near future, netizens should expect a more immersive way of networking. With meta, it will be more than interacting on social media posts and video chatting.

2. Business and investing

In addition, this networking also applies to NFT purchases and cryptocurrency exchanges. In case you are not familiar with the terms “cryptocurrency” and “NFT”, you have probably been living under a rock recently.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that goes around through a blockchain system. On the other hand, an NFT is used for ownership authentication of something it is attached to. It also validates the value of that item.

They are both essential metaverse building blocks. They are used by businesses and users to invest in the meta platform.

3. Shopping

Cryptocurrencies can now be used to purchase anything in real life. Moreover, there is a kind of shopping that is specific to the metaverse. There is a lot of shopping to do in this digital universe. You can do it to build your NFT inventory or create your avatar’s world on Roblox or a similar platform.

Future of Events

How about the future of virtual and hybrid events? Can meta upgrade it as well? With how the flow of the circumstances goes, there is a big probability that the metaverse will have a big impact on it as well.

In fact, Waveplay Interactive, the leading virtual events platform in the Philippines is developing its own metaverse platform already. If you want to know more about it, simply visit their website and check out their newest services.