Are vitamins and minerals necessary for the health of Pets and Dairy animals?

Are vitamins and minerals necessary for the health of Pets and Dairy animals?
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Vitamins and Minerals are necessary for pets and dairy animals.

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Like humans, vitamins and minerals are very important for animals also. Apart from daily food intake animals’ body also requires extra nutrition for a solid foundation of their body. During the ancient time and till the previous century Indian animals were fed naturally grown feeds, primarily green fodder, dry fodder, grass, vegetables, peels, etc. But now natural green fodder and other green produce are neither available in plenty nor affordable for all farmers and cattle herders. And nutrient quotient has also decreased in green fodder and green produce.

Taking care of pets has now become easier as most of the veterinary medicines and animal food supplements can be ordered online through the Vetbone Pharmacy App or their website

Therefore to form a balanced nutritional diet for animals, mineral and vitamin supplements are very much necessary, especially for dairy cattle. Vitamin deficiency can lead to many disorders in the animal body as well as can potentially affect the quantity of milk. And one more important reason has also emerged in the light and that is related to the gradual change in genetics.

Cattle herders and dairy owners therefore must be very vigilant towards the daily intake of vitamins and minerals by their cattle. But thankfully, nowadays food supplements of various brands are easily available in the market.

Some online websites like are also selling veterinary food supplements through online mode. One can easily order veterinary food supplements and other veterinary medicines for pet animals and birds.

Some popular food supplements containing vitamins and minerals available online and offline are Nutrisun Gold Powder of Sun Remedies, AutoVet Vitamin and Mineral liquid, Alivira Bio Boost Bolus, Bone Care Liquid, Enerdyna Liquid Nutritional Food Supplement, Verbac’s Metabolite Mix nutritional supplement, etc. Nutritional supplement for pregnant animals helps in the prevention of milk fever.

For avoiding complications during the parturition process of pregnant animals, ensure to make the METABOLITE® Mix a part of their daily diet. With the help of this kind of feed supplement, we can avoid or minimize the complications that arise during the Pre-Parturient and Post-Parturient periods.

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