Does Hydro-jetting work on roots?

Does Hydro-jetting work on roots?

Roots intrusion in your water pipes makes for complex clogs. Does hydro jetting work on roots? Discover whether or not it is worth spending on hydro jetting.

Tree roots can clog or damage your sewer pipes and water pipes, once they find their way into them. Clogs caused by tree roots can be difficult to remove. Many people have heard about hydro jetting is a technique that is effective to clear even the toughest of clogs, but will it be able to clear clogs due to roots? Is it worth contacting a service that offers hydro jetting and septic pumping in Auburn? The hydro jetting method works like magic when it comes to removing root invasions.

Does Hydro-jetting work on roots

Not only this, plumbers use hydro jetting over other clog removal methods if you have got a serious sewer line clog.

Keep reading to know why hydro jetting is the best method for sewer line blockages due to tree roots and what can you expect from this service.

Tree roots are on the lookout for moisture-rich areas. That’s the reason tree roots naturally grow towards sewer pipes or any leakages in a pipe. Once they invade the pipes, the roots begin to expand to grow inside. This causes a blockage or serious clog in the sewer line.

If you’re hearing gurgling sounds coming from your drain, it could be an indication of tree root intrusion in your water pipes.

Why hydro jetting for root intrusion

Hydro jetting not only does work like magic on removing tree roots but clearing out all the types of buildup which make the sewer line flow slow and ineffective. It also works effectively on removing junk and grease deposits in the pipes.

If you want to use hydro jetting in Sacramento, it’s important to call a professional plumber who is well-trained to perform hydro jetting. This technique involves using a highly pressured water stream to blast away all the obstructions that is existing in water or sewer pipes. This method cleans your pipes thoroughly.

Hydro jetting uses a nozzle from which a high-pressure stream of water is forced into the pipes to clear off all the debris and another buildup. The plumber may change nozzles to get access to the corners of pipes for a thorough cleaning. No matter how much stubborn the clog and debris buildup is, hydro jetting will blast all the away.

What to expect from hydro jetting

Before hydro jetting could be used, the plumber will use a camera inspection to find out whether the roots of the tree are causing the clog in the pipe. Hydro jetting is a powerful technique; the plumber needs to know the source of the problem to determine whether he can use it or not.

Tree root intrusion in sewer pipes is one of the stubborn types of clogs. Hydro jetting is the best method as no digging is required in this to remove tree roots.

It is also better than using harsh chemicals in your pipes which can even cause damage to your pipes. In addition, the hydro-jet method is also useful to wash down grease, oil, and fat buildup accumulated in the pipes. Failure to be regular with grease trap service in Sacramento can result in a grease buildup in your grease trap and pipes. Grease buildups are so severe to remove.

That’s why people choose hydro jet when they know the clogs are serious and don’t want any clog to appear again after it has been removed.