How To Create A Password Protected Folder

How To Create A Password Protected Folder

Keeping a Password Protected Folder makes your data and files in the folder safe. As there is much software through which you can lock a folder but I there

How to create a Password Protected Folder using a Batch Script

Keeping a Password Protected Folder make your data and files in the folder safe . As there are many softwares through which you can lock a folder but I there are many disadvantages in those softwares .

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These softwares consume more RAM where as this batch script doesn't take much memory to execute . The software needs to get installed and then it is used , But in Batch file script a simple procedure is used. So lets get started .


Create a Password Protected Folder

Follow the below steps to create a Password Protected folder .

First you need to create a Folder where you can host the files which are need to be protected .


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Now copy the below script and paste it in the Text file . Now navigate to that folder , open a text file in it. ( you can do this with right click--->New--->Text Document ).


Now click here to get code , copy and paste the code in the text Document

Next change the Password "Ur Password" to your desired password and save the file as anything.bat ( like mylock.bat) .


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If the file is being saved then delete the text file which you have created .

Now you need to Run the batch file .bat file , to Run it you need to double click on it .


This batch file will create a Folder named Private . This the folder where you need to add the files and folders which are private or password protected .

Once you have finished adding all the files and images etc into the Private Folder then Run Batch file anything.bat again ( Just Double click on the .bat File ) .

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Now a Black screen Command prompt window appears asking If you are sure you want to lock the folder . Now Press "Y" and hit enter to lock the folder .


Now the Folder Private disappears and your folder is hidden or password protected .


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If you want to make the password protected folder Private a new windows pops asking to Enter password to Unlock Folder .


Now enter the same password which you have kept above , once you have entered the password Private folder reappears .If you have entered a wrong password the the window terminates .

That's all From now keep your Folder password protected using the above method . If you feel anything difficult or any doubts then please get it to me through comments .

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