Socks that Increase Brain Power?

Socks that Increase Brain Power?

Who would connect the two? Dr. Mark DeBrincat, U.S. doctor says Canadian therapy VoxxLife HPT socks offers significant promise.

Dr. Mark DeBrincat, Chiropractor, Certified BrainCore Practitioner, Vice President of Clinical Studies and on the VoxxLife Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Mark DeBrincat has developed the nickname “the good news doctor” because he refuses to give up on providing treatments, he believes will help improve the lives of patients at his busy chiropractic clinic in Castle Rock, Colorado. Nobody was more surprised than he was about the results that followed early testing on a pair of therapeutic socks designed by Jay Dhaliwal, founder and CEO of Canadian neurotherapeutic company, VoxxLife.

Near Fatal Head On Collision

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Car Crash

Dr. DeBrincat's life was sidelined in 1997 by a near fatal head-on collision. Confined to a wheelchair at age 40, he underwent seven back surgeries and had a computer implanted in his spine to block out intense pain. “I lived a very limited life and gave up hope that I was ever going to get better,” he recalls. “In 2014, neurofeedback took a big turn for me and I started growing brain and spinal tissue and getting some of my abilities back. I found a microcirculation device that helped me get rid of scar tissue. I used nutrients and essential oils that helped me to make a big breakthrough. In short, I got my life back.”

He was published in the National Post discussing his findings when testing VoxxLife Socks.

You can read the full story HERE

“I’m excited to see a product like this demonstrate such potential,” Dr. DeBrincat says, “But I always point out that no product can heal you. It can only help the body do a better job of healing itself.”

Video on Brain Mapping

Using Brain Mapping, Dr. DeBrincat first performed a brain scan on himself, comparing two readings, one while wearing regular footwear and one while wearing VoxxLife socks. The following video will show you the results.

Dr. DeBrincat

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wearable Neuro Technology, VoxxLife, Lee Pryke

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