Different Types of Performance Appraisal Systems

Different Types of Performance Appraisal Systems

Keeping track of employee performance, recognizing them, and appreciating them for their hard work, is essential when you are stepping towards successful human

Keeping track of employee performance, recognizing them, and appreciating them for their hard work, is essential when you are stepping towards successful human resource development and management. Every organization should take the initiative and run an impactful program for employee motivation and employee retention. Many brands invest in HR software for small businesses to perform this job with perfection. What about you?

This article will talk about different types of performance appraisal systems that you can opt for in your organization. Definitely, you can use performance management software to make the process smoother and effective. Keep reading to find the best option for your concern.

5 Different Types of Performance Appraisal Systems for Better Employee Efficiency

Administrative performance appraisal:

This is the most common performance appraisal system where managers get the opportunity to evaluate the performance of their team members based on their skills. This enables the managers to understand the employee efficiency and get a better insight into the employee behavior and their engagement. It even turns the managers effective in making a decision regarding which employee should be further trained and can be perfect for the project.

Administrative performance appraisal:

Administrative performance appraisal

Manager performance appraisal:

This is something that every organization should take care of. Even the managers need to be evaluated to understand their own faults and help them to optimize their work strategy. Usually, every team member is asked to fill up the details in a survey form as per their perspectives and viewpoints. Manager performance appraisal systems simplify the overall process. Here the employees can share their views about the concerned manager, and the tool can generate a scorecard based on this. You can easily access these tools to monitor your manager’s performance and help them to make improvements.

Employee Self Appraisal:

Even the employees get the flexibility to evaluate their own performances and make improvements accordingly. This system comes with self-assessment tests based on which you can determine your own performance. Run the self-assessment program occasionally or regularly and find your own insights for better productivity. You can easily resolve issues and have a positive impact on the business.

Project Review:

This performance appraisal system focuses more on the employee’s performance during a particular project. To turn any project successful, you can use this system to evaluate how the team is performing. This will help the managers keep track of the member's performance, their activities, the routes they are following, and the result that may arise from this approach. A continuous assessment throughout the process is extremely impactful when you are expecting to meet your client’s desires.

Sales Appraisal:

The sales appraisal system is specifically made to evaluate the employees based on their business in the organization. The better is the performance, the better you can analyze the company's profits and losses. The tool puts the limelight into the business growth, aiding the leaders to set goals and make a proper approach to achieve them.


HR software adds flexibility to the performance management process. The software has an integrated module that allows the users to manage employee performances by monitoring their activities thoroughly.

Check out the software solutions that are available online and keep no stone unturned to appraise the employee.