Salesforce Implementation Services: 3 Crucial Stages Enter content title here...

Salesforce Implementation Services: 3 Crucial Stages Enter content title here...

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When someone opts for software, they often ignore its administrative part. No surprise as it is a crucial part that needs to be discussed before implementing it. There is a saying- ‘Failure to maintain your tool will compel it to lose its sheen with time.’

Hopefully, there is Salesforce that pride in offering those tools that focus on click and not just code! One such tool is CPQ (Configuration, Price & Quote) that comes with the same charm and creates attractive choices for the customers.

There are various procedures that Salesforce CPQ has to embark on its journey to achieve sustainable growth in its business. It is a sales tool that permits B-2-B sellers to offer a cost estimate that works on previously defined sets and also brighten the prospects for their customers.

Besides, Salesforce implementation services are frontrunners because they have huge potential to provide better ROI with numerous benefits associated with the integration of multiple systems (like ERP and CRM) to produce better results.

Now in the current scenario, one has to work smartly to stay one step ahead of their rivals. With CPQ at the helm, it will be relatively easy for sales reps to perfectly quote prices as per the needs of the customers.

To ensure the effective roll-out of the Salesforce CPQ, the given blog presents an ultimate guide that will discuss crucial stages of implementation of Salesforce CPQ to ensure all-round achievement.

Stage 1: Discovery

If you are a Salesforce consulting partner, then it will be advisable to realize the development of the solution is done for only one aspect: your client. So, it is sensible enough to understand the needs of the clients through your efficient sales process. It is possible by working in close with the customers to understand their every requirement.

If someone wants to help the client in delivering them with real ROI, then they should focus on setting-up of measurable goals to create a perfect CPQ solution. To achieve it, one should consider some of the essential KPIs:

 Greater accuracy during quote generation

 The higher surge in renewable and win-rates

 The decline in turnaround time during quotation

Meanwhile, one has to keep knowledge of some important aspects also in their mind:

A. Need Analysis: It is done to identify flaws, gaps, and their causes during CPQ implementation and help the sales reps in coming up with novel solutions to solve them sooner.

B. Guided Selling: It is a tool that incorporates a questionnaire that asks questions about customer’s needs by creating prompts to narrow down the list of products to meet the available responses.

So, the creation of the majority of the orders and quotes is done with the sole aim of upgrading the services that customers already have with them. Thus, if you want to quickly launch your product in the discovery stage itself; then follow these steps:

 Persuade key leader from the upper management to lead towards successful implementation to enhance productive participation

 All departments (Finance, IT, Product Management, etc.) must align together to achieve a positive result

 Develop a proper approach for effective project management by taking into account financial, delivery, training, and other aspects

Stage 2: Configuration

After getting detailed knowledge about the sales procedure and its workflow, it is time to know more about the existing product's portfolio that is liked by the clients. In the given stage, companies must work with their sales team to prevent making invalid choices and focus on understanding the behaviour of clients to create channels that drive a greater number of deals. Thus, according to it, one can easily set pricing rules for bundle configuring of products into the new CPQ software.

Various characteristics define the given stage but two important one stands out the most:

A. Prioritizing of CPQ Features:

Everyone knows about the complexity involved in implementing Salesforce CPQ. If one wants to utilize it efficiently, one must take the help of Salesforce consultants who can assist them in prioritizing sales goals in four lists:

 Most Critical

 Critical

 Not Critical

 Least Concern

B. System Integration & Data Updation

The most crucial step before implementing the given sales tool is the proper management of data. In the case of CPQ, one must take care of the source of data and their types that finds usage in its procedure. Various factors such as discount rates, tax rates, and pricing bundles must be inserted in the given Salesforce software.

So, one must also follow the data clean-up procedure to maintain consistency, accuracy, and quality of data before the proper implementation of CPQ. Further, there are a few must-follow steps in the configuration procedure that should not be ignored at any cost:

1) Data and time stamps must be a part of proposals to make tracking within the quote quite easy

2) All interesting parties must give their approval for processes, maps, and configurations

3) There should be the accessibility of only valid options and features

4) To alert customers and sellers about pricing, the creation of spot guidance and advice is a must

5) To efficiently capture orders, every product must have a steadfast user-interface

6) Buyers must be offered a real-time (2D or 3D) visualization of their order

7) Plan for integration if other systems have the power to define your pricing rules

8) The system must have a feature to calculate sales tax and other charges

9) There must be a consideration for modifying the current product to the needs of the customers

Stage 3: Delivery & Deployment

When one is going with CPQ implementation, they find it difficult to arrive at the delivery stage. Why? It is because of the following reasons:

 The frequent occurrence of minor bugs that are inevitable

 Sometimes, errors occur at an early stage and some at a later stage

However, there is no need to worry because they are part and parcel of software implementation procedures. One must be ready to add, adjust and even eliminate components to keep the system with continuous updates. Besides, if you want to make the delivery procedure go your way, you must develop a solid change management procedure.

Another important aspect is the continuous performance of testing. Don’t skip it at any cost! When changes are done, the whole framework must undergo re-testing to find out and resolve necessary fixes, and then only make the product live.

Last but not the least, there must be organizing of the training program to help employees to learn about the nuances of the given software in order to make the things more proactive and easier. How to make the training program successful? It is done through:

 Preparation of a detailed document that comprises procedures with the regular meeting to strengthen their learning

 Make the sales team comfortable with the new sales tool and encourage them to make it a part of their day-to-day life

 Development of an effective training manual to prevent wrongdoings among the employees

Accordingly, if one wants to make deployment and delivery of Salesforce CPQ software a successful one, they have to consider some of the things that are listed below:

 Invest in tools that ensure fruitful deployments

 Schedule the release of the product in advance

 Directly fix critical flaw in the production phase itself


So, the above-given stages are an indicator that the implementation of your Salesforce CPQ can be successful if goes through them most precisely. Moreover, the stage-wise implementation is a sure step to make the given CPQ solution perfectly match your sales process. Since it requires sincere effort to implement it, taking the help of Salesforce consulting services is the best way to customize the given CPQ solution and win the loyalty of your customers in the most efficient way.