Common Types of Auto Body Damage And How We Repair Them

Common Types of Auto Body Damage And How We Repair Them

No matter how safely you drive, you cannot avoid all collisions, nor can you keep your car from damage at all times.

Even when your car is parked, someone could open their door into it, causing a ding to your fender or a driver not paying attention could hit your bumper causing damage. It isn’t even other drivers that can cause damage as stones thrown from the roadway by a passing vehicle or hail can also cause damage. Luckily, auto body damage can be repaired, and, with the latest technology, repairs may only take minutes.

Weather-Related Damage

Even if you keep your car in a garage or carport, chances are they spend a significant amount of time exposed to the elements. You may have to park in an open parking lot when you are at work. While you are in the grocery store, your car is sitting in the hot sun or winter cold. Hail can cause everything from minor to major dents. Weather can damage the finish on your vehicle which could lead to rust. At Elmer’s Auto Body, we can sand and repaint any damaged areas to return your car to its original beauty. If your car has developed rust, we may be able to cut out the rusted area and replace the metal for an even nicer look.

Scratches in the Paint

No matter how careful you are, there will be scratches in the paint of your car. It could be as simple as a shopping cart that rolls into the side of your car or a key ring striking the door as you unlock it. You could even scratch the car while loading items into the backseat or trunk. A small scratch can often be rubbed out of the finish while larger scratches can be repaired using body filler and computer-matched paint.

Body Dents

Almost anything moving can dent your vehicle. A rock from the tire of the car in front of you, a child’s bicycle handle when they ride too close to the car in the driveway or a dropped object that you are trying to load could lead to dents that range from minor to serious. If the paint is still intact, we can use paintless dent repair to fix the damage. If the dent is significant, we drill a hole near the dent, insert a special tool and pull the dent from the surface. We then use body filler to smooth the surface and paint the area.

After A Collision

Minor damage after a collision can be repaired fairly quickly using similar processes as for other types of damage. However, it is possible that the collision damaged the frame of the car which can make your car dangerous to drive. In the past, a bent frame may have meant the car had to be totaled, but with today’s technology, we can use computer-aided equipment to pull the frame back into position.

If your vehicle has suffered damage, contact Elmer’s Auto Body today by phone or complete the easy scheduling form online. Our technicians will work to get your car back on the road as quickly as possible.