WooCommerce Security: (No.) Essential Steps You Must Take

WooCommerce Security: (No.) Essential Steps You Must Take

If you have well established your eCommerce business then you should take every measure to protect it. And if you want to build your store on WordPress

As you know that online thefts are on the rise, it never had been stopped though.

If you have well established your eCommerce business then you should take every measure to protect it.

And if you want to build your store on WordPress via WooCommerce then there are some key points you should remember.

Why are we telling you to take action against your site’s security?

Because the more popular the platform is the higher chances of people to sneak into your site.

And if your site gets hacked, it will only take a while for it to crash completely.

All your hard work, your sales, and most importantly people’s data could be at risk.

You will lose their trust, and it will have a severe impact on your business.

And you don’t want that, right?

To save you from this happening, we have come up with some vital tips for you to consider and to keep your business safe from hackers and any security breaches.

Let’s just discuss the points to keep your store out of danger.

1. Replace “admin” Username:

You don’t have to be like everyone.

Using “admin” or your store name might not be a great idea.

If someone tries to interfere with your store they most probably first mess with the “admin” because it’s an easy guess.

Make this hard for them by deleting the old “admin” account and create a new admin.

2. Limit Attempts to Log In:

This is the most common attack that happens in the first place.

Many hackers even use robots to make thousands of combinations to guess the password.

To defend against brute force attacks, there are some plugins that can reduce the number of login attempts and also block them.

3. Disable Edit Files From WordPress Admin:

You read it right.

This is another step towards your store’s security by disabling “Edit Files” from WordPress admin.

If somehow a hacker managed to get into your admin panel, this plugin can prevent files from being modified.

There’s even a code for that which you can add to the wp-config.php file.

Here’s the code: define( ‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true );

4. Buy Renowned & Secure Hosting:

Do not get into the lucrative advertisement from any random hosting provider.

You know that everything is dependent on the hosting, so do not compromise with it.

Choose a hosting provider that offers server-level security which prevents attacks that occur on the server.

Also, there should be SSH and SFTP access to encrypt communication between you and the server.

5. Always Use Premium Theme:

You may find many eye catchy free themes but don’t go for it.

The whole business will be on this theme so don’t hesitate to spend some extra bucks.

Premium themes are more secure, they come with technical support and regular updates.

You will find thousands of classy and polished themes on ThemeForest.

6. Must Take SSL Certificate:

I’ve seen many online stores running without an SSL on their site.

Don’t put your store at risk.

Why would anyone make a purchase from your store if they find that your site is at risk?

As the user and the website share confidential information, it is important that the information passes over an encrypted channel.

7. Use Two Factor Authentication (2FA) & Solid Password:

What’s wrong in taking the extra security of your store?

You may certainly know the concept of 2FA, using 2FA is the best you could do in doubles the security.

This prevents intruders from interfering with your account.

Moreover, always use a rock-solid password to safeguard your site from being hacked.

8. Keep Everything Up To Date:

Do not be lazy, when it comes to taking care of all the pending updates.

Stay on the latest WordPress version.

Also, from time to time update your plugins and themes.

Updating things regularly helps fix any vulnerabilities in them.

9. Install Security Plugins:

There are a ton of security plugins out there on the WordPress’ plugin store.

Using those plugins can also put some effort into enhancing your site’s security.

However, it is suggested to use only one plugin for your site. Don’t make the mistake to fill up the admin section with too many plugins.

Using multiple plugins at once does nothing but make it even worse.

10. Never Forget To Take Backup:

Last but not least.

Now don’t think that nothing can happen to your website after taking all these security steps.

Despite taking all these measures, anything could happen.

So always stay on the safe side and regularly multiple backups of your site.

This should be your foremost priority.

To Conclude:

These were the ten steps towards doubling up your security and helping you save from hackers and threats.

Now if you do find it helpful then let us know in the comment section below.

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