Do You Get Subsidy on Gas Cylinder while Booking Online?

Do You Get Subsidy on Gas Cylinder while Booking Online?

Know About Subsidy of Gas Cylinder while Booking Online

Yes! There is a subsidy specified by the government. However, given the recent privatisation step of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), there is a huge dilemma where the government subsidy will persist or cease to exist. Here is all the needed information about the subsidy on gas cylinder booking.

Government Subsidy

Considering the fact that the majority of the Indian population hails from a working-class background, the government of India has bought in a subsidy through the Pradhan Mantri PAHAL (DBTL) scheme, in 2014. This policy aims to cover 1/4 of the LPG price for the people below the poverty line. The PAHAL scheme covers both the subsidised and non-subsidised cylinders.

So, the LPG cylinders are available in the market at a reduced-price range for the people who can’t afford them. Once the gas cylinder booking is made, the subsidy price will directly be credited into the beneficiary’s bank account.

Cashbacks on online Booking

If you make your LPG booking online through third-party portals like Paytm, Free Charge, MobiKwik, etc. you might be eligible to get a cashback of up to Rs. 500 and author credits for a single gas cylinder booking.

When you book through Free Charge, Mobikwik, PayEasy, etc. you get more coupons and cash rewards which will be accumulated in your application account. You can redeem it whenever you want.

Paytm offers you a solid cashback of Rs. 500. This offer is limited only to first-time users who use Paytm for their gas cylinder booking process. You can download Paytm, make your booking and claim your cashback.

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