How Can You Improve Your Home Drainage System?

How Can You Improve Your Home Drainage System?

Issues with the drainage system can be a big problem. This article talks about how you can keep your drainage system in good condition by taking professional he

Drainage is one of the major systems in any home responsible for the safe and smooth water draining process. Any damage to this system can cause great chaos in your home, where everybody would be screaming about the dirty water coming out of sinks and drains. Such wet spots in your home, such as in the kitchen or bathroom, can be an annoying and unattractive sight. Moreover, it doesn't mean that if the hole is not properly draining the water, there is an issue. Sometimes, the signs are not that visible, and you have to check them on your own. A rusty basement, wet walls, or mildew on the walls are clear signs that moisture is getting into your basement and water is not where it should be.

All this happens because of a poor drainage system. So, how can you improve the drainage system in your home? For this, read on to find out what a drainage system does and which steps you can take to avoid any further drainage problems in the future.

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What Does A Drainage System Do?

The main function of a drainage system is to drain the water. It means it has to dispose of the wastewater as quickly as possible without blocking it or flowing it back to the sinks or main yard. It also helps prevent the water from the septics tanks from entering the residential areas or inside your rooms. It also maintains the water table and disposes of the wastewater through an outfall or an outlet. A properly installed and well-maintained drainage system can keep any wastewater out of your home and keep the water drainage system in perfect condition for years to come.

How To Improve Drainage System In Your Home?

Call Your Professional Plumber

You can maintain your drainage system in a healthy condition for years if you focus on its proper maintenance and check it time by time. Any problem with your drainage system can be detected in the earlier stages of the problem and thus can be solved on time. A professional plumbing company knows the weak points of an ineffective drainage system, and thus, they would help you suggest workable solutions in those conditions. Therefore, the first step towards having an improved drainage system is to take professional help and ask your plumber what might be the issues with it.

Extend Your Downspouts

Downspouts are essential to handle the heavy rain and a large amount of water running off the roof. The large size of the downspout won't disturb the wastewater channel and collect all it can. However, it should be away from the premise of your building or the area where you live. For example, if there is no downspout and there is a landscaped area next to your home, it can become a collection point for the wastewater, and thus, the water will remain standing. Add an extension to your downspout or make it bigger for the collection of water. The rainwater should flow onto a hard surface which is made of hard material. Such materials can withstand the impact of the water flow and stay firm. Concrete splash guards are mostly used for this purpose.

Install An Underground Drainage Pipe

An underground drainage pipe can also help drain the excess wastewater and keep the inside of your home clean and moist-free. To install an underground drainage pipe, you should call a professional to dig the trench as this is the hardest part and must be done carefully.

You might need to slope downward at least 1/8 in. per ft and dig a trench for the pipe. This slope is connected with a source and an outlet. In the end, a plastic catch basin is buried connected to the discharge with a PVC drainpipe. This all collects the wastewater and disposes of it away from your residential premises.

Have A Rain Garden

If there is an area in your garden where the water gets collected and remains standing there for days, why not utilize it for your own advantage and turn it into something beautiful? A rain garden is a depressed part of your garden where water gets collected. It holds and soaks in rainwater runoff. Choose the right type of plants to grow there that might help in absorbing some amount of the water from drains and rains. For this, cardinal flowers, black-eyed Susan, swamp milkweed, and turtlehead plants would be ideal.

How Can A Plumbing Company Help You?

Getting services from a professional plumbing company would resolve your drainage issues. Even though you take measures on your own to avoid such problems, there are still missing points that can become a big problem for you later on. Such professionals would suggest the affordable and the best solutions to solve your drainage issues and let the wastewater flow.