Stainless Steel Racks and Cannabis

Stainless Steel Racks and Cannabis

Find out why stainless steel racks used for drying cannabis work best. Using the right equipment will make a huge difference in the quality of the weed.

To get your marijuana harvesting company off to a right start or maintain the success of an existing business, it’s important to use the appropriate equipment. Some people new to the marijuana-growing industry don’t realize that construction, design, and material all matter when selecting a drying rack for cannabis.

Improve Yield and Dry Faster With Quality Drying Racks in Canada

As for design, open wire shelves offer advantages over other options. This shelf type allows air to flow steadily and consistently across the cannabis. At the same time, this innovative design helps control humidity and temperature.

Then, you need to consider the material. It’s hard to beat a stainless steel drying rack. Although you can find trays made of various types of metal, experts strongly recommend a drying rack made of polished 304 stainless steel. In particular, this material is ideal for cold, wet, and humid environments.

When looking for a source where you can buy a drying rack in Canada, select a company that uses certified stainless steel made specifically for food-grade products. That way, you won’t deal with mould and other problems that could compromise the quality of the marijuana you worked so hard to grow.

While shelves made of chrome are also available, you want to avoid this type of drying rack for cannabis. You might pay less for a rack made of chrome, but you’ll also face numerous challenges. For example, chrome often rusts, and it sheds tiny particles that can get into the weed. Another possible issue to keep in mind is long-term exposure to humidity causes corrosion.

A Perfect Solution

What it comes down to is that you want to focus on finding drying racks for cannabis made of food-grade stainless steel. That means identifying a reputable company for drying racks in Canada, one that specializes in this field. The right source can even customize a rack if wanted.

The combination of a stainless steel drying rack and an open shelve design will give you the best results. Instead of air turbulence, this will promote laminar airflow. As a result, the air that flows over the marijuana buds is smooth, even, and consistent. Ultimately, you’ll have an easier time predicting your yield.

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